Simple Styles For Easy Fashion

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 Well, simplicity has its own worth and beauty and i have it both! yet the fact that i`m simple differ me from the girls in my school, i dont follow whats new n hot and heck! i dont even listen to same music. Im an old fashion kid obviously, but who would disagree that the last decade of music are back in the 90`s 80`s 70`s and i even begin to like the beach boys! LOL.

Anyway, i don`t want to go too far, i`m going to share what works for me, i got some advice and tips from my favorite magazines, it`ll not guarantee you`ll like it though. I pick up and follow some tips but when somebody copy it argh! im hatin it. Makes me wierd eh?. thats what they say….

Ok, these are mix fun-sharing-advice from styles, pants to make up, and to haircut.

For my love of jeans, 99% of my wardrobe are jeans,unless when im required to wear skirt in school. I love denims too, and ofcourse shorts.

ok to start …here,

Creative tee : 3 ways to style your tee

Sweet – Press up your look by combining casual and tailored pieces. Take a solid button-down shirt and layer it with a physical graphic print top.

Sporty – For a sporty chic-look, layer on different colored tees. For added cool, fold the shirt on top to reveal a hint of the printed tee below.

Rock n` Roll – Toughen your tee by tucking it in at the front, but leaning the back un tucked for a laid-back vibe

Take your pick !

>   >

  • Onion Laundry / Disney / Sesame Street / Spongebob Squarepants / Betty and Veronica

Flatten your figure with the right denims:


Fitted denim shorts – Cropped jeans are a stylish alternative for tall girls. Petite gals should stick to above the knee denims.

Cargo jeans – Flaunt your curves in a dark wash cargo jean which gives the illusion of slimmer hips.

Jean Skirt – A versatile piece, the denim pencil skirt flatters most body types

> >

  • Relaxed

relaxed fits in striaght and boot outs are making a come back. Try on a variety of finishes from dark to acid wash.

  • Detailed

This season, try something different with jeans that have special details like zippers, an illution belt or stitching.

  • Cropped

Welcome new hemlimes! short denims are sexy and comfy at the same time. Balance out short lengths by pairing it with casual shoes like sneakers, ballet flats or think heeled platforms.

Fanycy folds : Give your jeans a new look by folding them at the waist or rolling up the pant leg.


Get the Look !


Score a party- worthy look with look-at-me eyes ,rosy cheeks and kissable lips.


  1. Get gorgeous eyes – Curl lashes then apply one coat of mascara. Comb through then apply a second coat.

  2. Define your cheekbones – Apply cream blush that matches your natural flush. Set with a matching power blush.

  3. Put on your party pout – Apply a creamy lipcolor in a festive shade like red, plum or fuchsia. Blot with a tissue then re-apply.

Snag These Snip Tips

  • If you have great bone structure, you`ll be sure stunner in short hair. Since short hairs dont fall limp, your style will look fuller and soften finely chiseled features.
  • If you have narrow face, a midlength mane with layers is an ideal option. Shoulder-level hair will frame your head nicely, while the layers will add volume to counterbalance the thinness of your face.
  • Heart shaped faces look sexiest , sporting bangs snipped striaght across the forehead.
  • For a round face , keep stresses long ( one length or layered) to avoid chubby-cheek look. A shorter cut will only flatter you if the back is longer than the front.
  • The sexiest style for square jawline is a mane that falls just above or right at your shoulders. Cropped hair just make jawlines more pronouced. Also avoid having bangs cut straight across your forehead; the square shape will box in your face.
  • If your neck is on the short side, keep locks long. A supershort cut will only accentuate your neck`s lack of length.

Oh, here`s some additional Tips something for your toes..

Its tea-time for your toes !

Actually, i bother more about my feet than my face ! i have pretty toes my mates compliment me about it. So i usually go to foot spa than salon . Anyway …here`s my tips.

Green-tea toe treat


Just because your soles are back in pumps doesn`t mean you should slack off on pedicures. Get feet he`ll want to greet by indulging in this at-home treatment spiked with greentea–an antioxidant that exfoliates even the roughest skin. Sprinkle the contents of three green-tea bags into a bowl of warm water and add some rose petals (for scent). Soak your feet for 15 minutes, then use a foot-buffing scrub and a pumice stone to smooth stubborn calluses. And you can try Elizabeth Arden Green tea Foot Polish and Smoothing Paddle, $15. Rinse and massage a moisturizer onto legs and feet. Also Try Neutrogena Foot Cream, $4.60. Finally, swipe any slickness off your nails with polish remover, and paint on your favorite polish.


That would be all for now , this is my first post here btw , im going to post another soon… anything about stuff that related to this and etc . Anyway hope you like it ! xo.


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