Obama Kept His Promise to Change America

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Unemployment was 8% when Obama took office.   Obama spent $1 trillion dollars and now it’s 9.1%  Was that a change you could believe in?

8 Million Americans who want to work don’t have jobs.  8 million illegal aliens, who broke at least three laws have jobs.

When Obama took office the national debt was $10 trillion.  Now the national debt is $14 trillion.  That’s change all right.

Obama has destroyed domestic energy production while boosting energy production for foreign nations like Brazil.

Obama has castigated and condemned America’s wealthy while lending foreign billionaires billions of dollars.

The price of gas has gone up at least 60% since Obama took office.  In some regions, Obama rule has doubled the price of gasoline.

If Obama doesn’t think he can change the price of fossil fuels, why did he dump petroleum from the strategic reserves on the open market?

Can we afford 4 more years of this kind of change?



The 2013 Promise a Re-Elected Obama is sure to Keep

If you value your sanity, don’t go on YouTube and look up the terms: Obama Skyrocket.

Let’s face it, you can’t handle the truth. You don’t know and you don’t want to know.


Some will say: Yes he wants prices to go up but not this quickly. He wants a slow rise in the price of energy in order to slowly wean us off fossil fuels.

Question: Have you ever heard of a “slow” skyrocket? Is it even possible for something that skyrockets to be slow?

Some spin doctors try the following hand waving explanation: He was talking about coal or electricity not oil or gasoline.

Interesting…Did you know that the truly poor, people who are so poor that they don’t have cars and don’t need gasoline to fuel them would be more adversely affected by a rise in the price of electricity than by a rise in the price of gas? Do you hate the poor and love the rich and middle class? Is that why you target something that hurts the poor more than the middle the middle class and the rich?

Moreover, do you Climate Changers and Global Warmers even read your “theories?” Do you guys even know what carbon based fossil fuels are? Because if you do, then why would you expect any rational person to believe that you would target only one kind of fossil fuel? Remember, you were the one who said that using any carbon based fuel will destroy the earth and harm all the humans. So why would you simply provide an incentive for us to switch from one fossil fuel, namely coal, to others such as oil, natural gas and gasoline?

Trying to argue that the president only wants coal and electricity prices to skyrocket is childish and ignorant at best and disingenuous at worst.


President Barack Hussein Obama’s Energy Policy


Who Will Cost You More in 2013, Democrats or Republicans?

Actually, it may not be rational to use political party to determine which politician would make a bigger dent in your wallet in 2013 should you vote for him in 2012. Rather you should ask a series of questions, not of your congressman, senator or even of the president. Instead you should interrogate their records. In an election year, just about anything any politician says is a lie. The reason for this is that if they told you the truth, you would refuse to vote for them. After all, you can’t get something for nothing but the politician you are about to vote for will tell you that you can.

Meanwhile, back at the political record…Ask history, ask the politician’s written and spoken record what was his stance on Global Warming and Climate Change. If his record says that he believes that these two phenomenon don’t exist or that we don’t need to account for them, stop. You have arrived at the politician who will cost you the least in 2013. If your wallet is your guide then vote for this man.

Let us suppose that the politician in question said that Climate Change is happening or that Global Warming is real. Your wallet just got lighter.

Suppose your politician has stated that Global warming or Climate change are real and anthropogenic or man-made. Half the cash in your wallet magically disappeared.

Now finally, what if your political representative is on record saying that the United States is the chief culprit in Climate Change and/or Global Warming? Then voting for this man is akin to emptying out your entire bank account, adding to it your salary for the whole year, putting that stack of cash into a large waste can and setting fire to it. It doesn’t matter what your favorite politicians says with his lying lips during an election year. When there was no election and he could afford to tell the truth, he admitted that he is for an expensive carbon trading scheme that will ensure that the price of food and fuel will double. He has to do this because he is absolutely convinced that we will all die a horrible death from Climate Change or Global Warming. So, from his point of view, if he lies to you during an election, it is for your own good.

Do you know that at least some of that rioting in the middle east was about? The lack of jobs and the rising cost of food. If you vote for Congressman Climate Change or Senator Global Warming the inevitable extra expense in the cost of living will dampen the employment picture in the United States as well. Employers will pay more to keep the lights on and the trucks fueled. They will have less money to hire new people. Some of the more ill-fated Global Warming initiatives such as corn-based ethanol are actually fueling riots around the world because using corn in this way is not only inefficient ill-advised and destructive, it makes food more expensive for everyone everywhere.

Good luck with you gas engine when they increase the mandatory ethanol percentage by they way. High ethanol eats gasoline based engines

So we return to the question that we started with. And now the question becomes, is one party more associated with Global Warming and Climate Change than the other?

The other day it was calculated that the average man on the earth is a 28-year-old Han Chinese male.

Not let me get this straight, given that China and India have weaker environmental controls than we do, greater populations and they are every day aspiring to our standard of living, we are supposed to believe that even in anthropogenic Climate Change was real that we are the worst culprits? Well of course. Everyone knows that capitalist coal pollutes and communist coal does not.


The science is in and the matter is settled. Just when America is barely crawling back out of a recession, President Barack Hussein Obama and his entire administration are on record saying that they intend to push forward the Climate Change and Global Warming cap-and-trade and carbon trading legislation. President Obama has already admitted that energy prices will skyrocket once he does this.

Can you afford to pay more money for EVERYTHING you buy? If an employer has to pay more money for every raw material he uses and the gasoline that keeps his vehicles running, do you suppose he will want to hire more people? What does your commonsense tell you?


Obama’s Energy Policies Triggers Blackouts and Power Shortages?

Alex Jones is on the conspiracy warpath again. He seems to be claiming that it is Obama’s energy policies which caused the rolling blackouts experienced by Texas on the eve of the super bowl when our temperatures were staying below freezing even during the day time.

Well Obama did say that he would deliberately try to make reduce carbon based energy and to make the prices of that energy sky-rocket.

Obama deliberately bankrupting power plants?



Communist Coal Does not Pollute. ONLY Capitalist Coal Causes Climate Change and Global Warming.

You might ask yourself why China, which has over a billion people and weaker environmental controls than the US is allowed to burn as much coal as it likes without rebuke but we must shut down our civilization and live in the cold darkness without jobs in order to save the earth from Global Warming and Climate Change. Well it’s a fact. A true fact: Communist coal does not pollute. ONLY Capitalist coal causes climate change and global warming.

By the way, the pollution that you thought you saw in China during the Olympics was a capitalist optical illusion. Those with clear eyes and truer vision like Karl Marx, MSNBC or Barack Hussein Obama saw the sweet, clean air of the dictatorship of the proletariat. The victory of the Marxists Peoples over imperialism was very much in evidence. Be Red and Expert!!!

And we can easily verify these facts are true by the following reasoning: If it were not true that US coal and fossil fuel burning causes more anthropogenic global warming than non US fossil fuel burning then all of efforts of the United States and Western Europe combined to reduce our carbon footprints would amount to a stupid waste of time because the fossil fuel burning of China and India would dwarf our efforts. Clearly it does not matter how much carbon based fuel China and India use. These two non Western nations could even double the usage of the United States and Western Europe combined, and still, by Marxist Magic, our fuel usage would be infinitely worse and cause nothing but problems. To paraphrase the words of the great bard: The feces of China and India would not be odoriferous.




Want Cheap Gas? Dump Democrats

Whenever they think you aren’t looking and listening, liberals always conspire to raise energy and fuel prices to European levels. They don’t like the energy you use, they don’t like your life style and they don’t like you.

Want Cheap Gas? Dump Democrats.


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