Jesus Believes Everybody is Worth It

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We live in a world filled with people who do not know the truth about Jesus. We divide people into different groups of those who are saved, those who are going to hell and those who are on the fence. Our world is filled with religions that say they believe in God, but keep Jesus out of the picture. How do we reach a world filled with people who do not know Jesus? Should we tell them they are going to hell or should we tell them that Jesus believes that each of them is worth it?

I remember going to a Christian Church years ago, the preacher stood up and faced the congregation and said; eighty-percent of you sitting here this morning are going to hell. I have thought about that statement over the years and it really bothered me. I thought Jesus came down here to save us because He believed each one of us are worth the price He paid for us.

Is homosexuality wrong? Yes. Is abortion wrong? Yes. Are stealing, sexuality immortality, prostitution, murder, rape, hate, and etc wrong? Yes, yes, yes, yes and yes. We are all sinners and have fallen short of the glory of God. I want to tell you something I believe Jesus told the whole world when he lived down on this earth many years ago, you are worth it.

Jesus spent much of His time preaching the Gospel to the same people we call low- life in today’s society. Jesus preached the Gospel to murders, thieves, prostitutes and all the low-life people he ever met. Jesus realized all of us are sinners and yet He still believed each individual was worth it. Isn’t that incredible, Jesus believes you are worth it. I am worth it. We all are worth it.

I don’t believe in Gay marriage or abortion. I believe they are stumbling blocks to our society and too many stumbling blocks will cause an avalanche which will destroy a society. Look at Rome and compare it to the modern day United States of America. Rome fell and the United States of America will fall if we continue to allow our morals to fall to a lower level by accepting immoral actions.

As we fight to improve ethics and morals we need to remember a very important thing. If we want to be Christians or followers of Jesus, we need to treat all people like they are worth it. If Jesus lived in the United States He would teach people what was right or wrong and He would show everybody they are worth it.

Jesus came to the earth to show all sinners that they are worth it to Him. He taught the people of the world the Gospel and He showed them what was right and what was wrong. Jesus knew we were not perfect, so He gave His life to save each one of us from our sins. Jesus also defeated death and is in heaven waiting for his people to join Him and live there for eternity.

When you meet non-Christian people, remember to tell them that Jesus and you believe that each individual is worth it. They are worth the thorns that were used as a crown of thorns on our Savior’s brow. They are worth the nails that were hammered into the hands of Jesus. They were worth the sword that was plunged into the body of Jesus.  I know each and every one of you is worth it because my Savior Jesus told me this through His teachings in the New Testament of the Bible. You are worth it.



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