Larry Crowne Movie Review

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Larry Crowne is an old-fashioned romantic comedy starring Julia Roberts and Tom Hanks. This is a movie about second chances. Tom Hanks stars as Larry Crowne, a laid off (fired, downsized, shown the door) employee from a big box store. The movie starts out with Larry Crowne  as a happy employee when he was called to meet with company management but left the meeting devastated when he was told he was let go. He loves his job; he won the employee of the month 9 times. But it didn’t matter that he was an employee of the month 9 times. He was terminated because he has no college degree. In his manager’s eyes, lack of college education spells “limited advancement potential”.Because of a divorce, he suffered financial set-back and loses his house.

When he is unable to find another job, he went back to school, a community college where Mercedes Tainot (Julia Roberts) teaches speech class. He got the idea of going back to school from his eccentric neighbor who won the lottery a few years back and now oversees a permanent yard sale. Larry signs up for the class called The Art of Casual Conversation taught by Mercedes Tainot. Mercedes is going through a break-up with her porn addicted “new media” husband. Just like in other romantic movies, Larry develops a crush on Mercedes.

This movie provides an escape from the harsh realities of the present economic situation. Losing your job, your house and when you cannot find a job similar to your last one, you may end up flipping burgers in order to make ends meet. But who would go and watch a depressing movie.

Besides the two main characters, the supporting cast also made the movie entertaining. The supporting cast is the classmates of Larry Crowne. Being a speech class, there are funny and delightful classroom speeches.

The movie is directed by Tom Hanks and co-written with Nia Vardalos who wrote and starred in  My Big Fat Greek Wedding.

This movie is one big happy movie but is not the best movie of Tom Hanks or Julia Roberts. It is a feel-good and predictable movie but it is worth watching.

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