Reduce Stress by Learning How to Get Organized at Work

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It is no secret that stress is at nearly epidemic proportions in North America. Some statistics show that near 75-90 percent of all visits to the doctor are related to stress. High blood pressure, allergies, ulcers, migraine headaches, skin and bowel problems can all be caused and/or aggravated by stress. Stress has also been linked to all of the leading causes of death which include cancer, heart disease, cirrhosis, accidental death and of course, suicide.

In addition the personal toll that stress takes on us physically and mentally, stress also impacts businesses in many ways, all leading to the end result of lost revenue. Psychological problems, such as stress, are responsible for over 60 percent of employee absences – that is an estimated one-million employees who are absent on any given work day. It is estimated that stress costs U.S. industry around $300 billion every year due to employee turnover, diminished productivity, absenteeism, direct legal, medical and insurance fees and more.

In light of these staggering statistics, doing something to combat work related stress makes great business sense! One of the major causes of work related stress is lack of organization.

If you begin your work day sitting down to a cluttered desk, you will immediately start to feel stressed before your day even begins. You know you are going to have enough work related issues to stress about during the day – you don’t need to take on the additional stress of a messy workstation. You should begin your day with a clean slate, with as few distractions as possible, ready to tackle your to-do list. Clutter will distract, confuse, and stress you out, unnecessarily limiting your productivity.

Have you ever wondering why those stacks of disorganized paperwork create so much stress for you? Besides the fact that it is unpleasant to look at, each one of those pieces of paper represents a postponed decision. Each piece of paper is something that you haven’t dealt with yet, and those stacks are just taunting you. If allowed to continue, the unorganized stacks of paper will get out of control and you will not even know where to begin to get it all organized.

Another danger in those stacks of paper, perhaps even worse than the stress is the fact that you might miss something critical! Have you ever forgotten to pay a bill because it was buried in a stack somewhere? Or spent the last few minutes before an important meeting frantically looking for the notes for your presentation? This kind of stress is 100 percent avoidable if you take the time to get a handle on your paper organization.

Here are some quick tips for reducing stress by learning how to get organized at work:

1. Learn how to handle your paper clutter using the FAST System (remember the 4 options for dealing with paper – File, Act, Schedule, Toss).

2. Remember that you don’t have to do everything, learn to delegate!

3. Do not over schedule yourself. Something unexpected will always come up – leave some wiggle room in your calendar, and don’t forget to take breaks!

Put an end to the stress caused by lack of organization. Do not procrastinate dealing with paper, as it comes into your workspace deal with it, File it, Act on it, Schedule it, or Toss it! You will have more focus for your goals and priorities, and you will have more free time because you will get things done quicker. Learn how to get organized at work and you will feel empowered and proud of your accomplishments.


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