What is The Charity Zone?

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Charity Zone is an online platform that allows its users to help and assist the charity or support group that they are involved with. This usually takes place within the local community but can be outside of their locality or even internationally. No start up costs is involved in anyway and is designed in such a way as to be a regular provider of income for the designated charity or support group.

The process of membership is quite straightforward:

The support group or charity is submitted for membership to the Charity Zone

On acceptance. the Charity Zone will locate a local business to support the group but, at the same time, will advertise their own services

The charity zone provides means of allowing users to earn as much as 90% of all the revenue earned.Obviously the charity zone do have rules and regulations which have to be adhered to, but these are quite basic and follow common sense and everyday procedure. Examples of which are as follows:

All content posted onto the site remains the property of the owner

Charity zone will not spam members or forward any business related communications.

The user has to agree not to turn it into a business enterprise and must keep within the policies of the set up, multi level marketing and other business practices are strictly forbidden, such as offering sweepstakes or contests

There are many groups that exist as causes which are available to assist in business advertising: Children and Youth, Animals and Wildlife and Human rights, just to name a few

The basis of the service is that if a business was to offer some kind of incentive to its customers and the charity was to sell some, it would also receive a commission payout from the sale. Charity Zone itself will advertise a deal from local businesses. The main aim of Charity Zone is to bring charity, business and social networking all together under one umbrella Charity Zone enables its members to support their favourite group which will allow them to increase their needed revenues. And most important, it is free.


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