The 2012 Jaguar Xkr-S

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Recently, Jaguar has unveiled a face-lifted XK at the last New York Auto Show, as a 2012 model, along came with it, was also a new XKR-S. The XKR-S comes with an all new 5L supercharged V8 engine, that produces an extra 30 hp and 39 lbs of extra torque from the old engine, to now 542 hp and 500 lbs of torque. Due to the improved power to the engine, the XKR-S can now sprint 0-60 mph in 4.2 seconds, with the top speed reaching 186 mph, which is a huge improvement from the the 0-60 mph time being about 4.6 seconds and the old top speed was 174 mph.


Other improvements that have been done to the entire XK range are the changes to the exterior design, appearing more aerodynamic and a bit lighter, one way on saving weight. But the XKR-S received much more, including an improved suspension system, lower ride height, with the front suspension made to be somewhat stiffer, which in overall performance, the handling was massively improved.


New features that are seen on the XKR-S include an active differential system, to help manage all 500+ horsepower that the car puts out, and then there’s the adaptive dynamics system, which allows you to put the car in racing mode, to improve accelerating and handling. 


Other features of the XKR-S that have been carried over from the previous Jaguar XK models are, the enlarged 6-piston callipers for the fron wheels, and 4-piston callipers for the rear wheels, then there’s the 20-inch Vortex forged alloy wheels with bespoke tires, an Active Exhaust System, and fianlly the leather upholstery.


Thanks to all the improvements that were done to the XKR-S, it has become the most agile, responsive and quickest Jaguar ever made, which makes it very similar to the XJ220 supercar made years ago, as the XJ220 was as one point, not only a big leap forward for Jaguar, but for the enitre world of super cars, as the XJ220 held the land speed record for a production car back in 1992, of a recorded speed reached of 217.1 mph.


The price for the new XKR-S starts at $158,925 USD, and the only colors that the car comes in are French Racing Blue and Midnight Black


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