The 2011 Honda Cr-Z

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The CR-X was a great hatchback from the 1980’s and even through the early 1990’s, but then it was replaced by the del Sol in the mid ’90s. But now Honda has made a new, so-called comeback car, also using Hybrid technology. The CR-Z has been in production since beginning of last year, starting out in the Japanese market first, then months later, it then recently went on sale in the American market, but more recently, the CR-Z is now available in the Australian market.

The CR-Z is a hybrid, a gasoline engine with an electric motor bolted to it, but Honda says that it’s the most advance engine they have ever made up to date, as it is the only Hybrid currently available with having a manual gearbox. The engine is a 1.5L I4 engine with a DC brushless motor, the engine itself produces 111 hp and has 106 lbs of torque with the Continuously variable transmission (CVT) gearbox, somehow the six-speed manual gearbox gives you one more of both a horsepower and a pound of torque compared to the CVT, must has something to do with the set gear ratios.


One of the most interesting features of the CR-Z is it’s clever drive system, three different modes to choose from, were you can either be in normal, sport, or economy mode. The Sport mode will allow the car more power but lowering gas efficiency, and economy mode does the exact opposite, cut down on some power to use less gas, which increases range and gas milage.


Other features of the CR-Z is that it appears to have a similar interior layout to the Honda Insight, so similar equipment too, but more important features are most of the standard equipment that comes with the CR-Z, such as the LED brake lights, body controlling mirrors and handles, and then there’s remote entry system. The EX trim comes with additional interior features such as Bluetooth, satellite navigation, ambient lighting and enhancements with the steering wheel and seating.


The Honda CR-Z’s starting price is at around $19,345 USD and the EX trim starts at $20,905 USD.


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