The 2012 Fiat 500

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The New Fiat 500 has been around for the last 4 years now, and it’s had very good reviews about it’s price, sportiness, comfort, and it being easy to use. The 2012 models are on there way to the market, and the first time to the American market.

The 500 had made an appearance at the recent Los Angles Auto Show, then soon after, sales have begone on the 500 in America. Since different regulations with safety and other things, the American version of the 500 has an updated rear structure, along with updates to the rear torsion-beam suspension system, other changes include, wider and flatter seats, more sound-deadening material, and the addition of an armrest for the driver, so it’s mostly comfort that has been altered.

Mechanical changes to the American marketed 500 are the upgraded power steering system and a stiffer chassis, which actually improves over the European version of the car. Fiat is also planning on having an option for a six-speed automatic gearbox for the American market only.

The engine for the American version 500 is the new Muiltair 1.4L I4 engine that produces 101 hp and 97 lbs of torque, this engine is produced in Michigan. This new engine use a technology first seen in the MiTo, and what it does is that the engine does not have a throttle valve, instead it uses electronically controlled air intake by electro-hydraulic variable valve actuation, the effect is that optimized intake valve opening schedules.

The design of the 500 is very similar to the classic 500 that was in production years ago, compared to size, the new one is only a few inches bigger on all diemensions, unlike the Mini, when you compare the new and old Mini, the new is almost double the old one’s size. It’s normal that nee cars are to be bigger than the old ones, with new standards to safety and other similar concerns, but Fiat has done the best job at perserving the car’s looks and shape.

The American 500 has all the same trim level and options, starting price of a 500 is $15,500 USD, and a person looking to buying one in America can go to Fiat USA website and design their own with the 500,000+ combinations of what they want


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