How to Improve Your Computer Performance.

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When we use our computer there’re various type of files create. Most of them are unwanted. If we have these kind of unwanted files

then our computer speed slow down. There are few basic steps for improve your computer performed.


You have to defrag your hard disk and registry in a specific time. Because of when we use our computer some files and folders

scattered. So that window can’t find them quickly. So in a specific time we have to again arrange these scattered files in correct

locations. Defrag tool set them in proper. So that way so that they can be easily accessible.

  • Smart Defrag is the best free hard disk defraying utility.

  • Free registry defrag is the best free windows registry defrauger utility.

Disk cleanup

When we use our computer tones of temporary files, systems dump files, temporary Internet and prefetch files etc creates. They are

unwanted files. We have to remove them. Because of if we have lots of these unnecessary files our speed reduce.

  • Ccleaner is the best free Disk cleaning tool. Using it you can clean your hard disk.

Regularly updated antivirus and antispyware program for remove and detect new malwares

Some times our computer many run virus or spyware hidden. Everyday new malware emerge. So that we have to keep up-to-date Antivirus and Anti-spyware program for detect them. If your computer inflected malware then your computer speed reduce. So you have to remove them. And also you have to fully scan your computer once a week.

Disable unwanted windows startup programs

If your computer has lots of unwanted startup programs. Then your computer speed reduce. So you have to manage which programs should enable which programs disable. You can check your computer startup programs using windows “system configuration”. To start “system configuration” utility go to “Start”>”Run” type “msconfig.exe” in run window and press “OK” then. Then system configuration window will open. Go to its “Startup” tab and disable unwanted startup programs.

Check disk for bad sectors and errors

If your computer hard disk has lots of bad and damaged sectors then some files may lost or corrupt. So you have to scan your hard disk for bad sectors.

Update windows.

Enable and run windows updates and install them. If Microsoft found there operating system error they release updates for fix them. So you have to install them.

Install new drivers.

Most of the time your compute hard drives manufactures release new updates for improve your there performance. So you have to install new drivers for increase performance.


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