How to Categorize Blog Posts in Blogger

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When someone is creating blog post the main problem is it is not clear when you post various articles in different topics. All the topics will be under the same blog archive and reader may become confuzedwhen reading your posts. Don’t you think it is better to catagorize your blog posts under catagoriezthen you will simply able to make a small table of content gadget in your blog as a example see my blogwhich hold some articles in different topics and how they are catagorized.

You can do this in many ways

1. While you create a new post

*When you are creating a new post at the bottom of the post you can see text box named as Lable.

*There you type the word which you want to appear as catagory. Suppose your post is about iPodsthen put the word technology,iPod or something you wish to appear as the catagory.

*Then go to design view in blogger and select add gadget > Lables. In desighn view add the gadget to the place where you wish to appear your content.

*Now think your article is about medifast then put the lable as Health, Loosing weight, Medicine or something like that then you can see iPod(1), Health(1) under lables. When you post new post on iPodput the lable asiPod then under lable gadget you will see iPod(2) Health (1), same you can continue your posts under variouscatagories. You can edit Lables title in desighn view > Lable gadget > edit > change title as catagories (defaltlables )

2. After Posting

Now you may have a blog with lot of post with lot of topics. You will surely want to catagorize them so do as following.

* Go to the page edit posting then select the posts which you want to catagorize under same catagoryby ticking the box in front

* select lable actions

now select insert new lable and add the catagory name for posts you selected before now you can repeat the same way to add lables to the other posts in your blog

3. Adding sub catagories

If your blog is education blog and you want to catagorize them like this under science (physics, Chemistry, Biology) , under commerce ( Accounting, Buisness studies ) so first you add a lable gadget and name it as science. Then add lables (chemistry article lable is chemistry like that) then go to editlable gadget and select show selected posts then select science regarding articles. Then add anotherlable gadget and add lablegadget name Comerce then you have sub catagories also


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