Wind Energy | Why to Support The Wind Energy Cause

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The uneven heating of the earth’s atmosphere brings about wind. The flow of the wind is determined by the topography of the earth, surrounding water bodies and vegetation cover. When the wind blows, the motion it causes brings about wind energy. Wind energy generates electrical power. Wind turbines perform the key role of converting kinetic energy obtained from wind energy into mechanical energy that can be used for grinding grain or water propulsion. The mechanical power in wind energy can also be converted into electricity by a generator. The electricity derived from wind energy can be used in people’s homes, business premises and institutions. The wind turbines are the opposite of a fan. While a fan uses electricity to produce wind, the turbines use wind energy in order to produce electricity. Wind energy turns the blades that spin a shaft which connects to a generator and then produces electricity.

Wind energy has no negative impact on the environment like other sources of energy. Wind energy plants do not emit pollutants or green house gases into the atmosphere. In fact, wind energy is said to reduce greenhouse effect on earth in a greater way than any forest would in many years.

The main challenge facing wind energy is that it is intermittent. The production of wind energy is determined by the actual presence of the wind to make the turbines move. If the wind is not present, no energy is produced. Previously there was an environmental concern that the turbines that produced wind energy killed birds and bats. Technological developments have taken care of that.

Harnessing wind energy costs money and the conversion of the wind to mechanical or electrical energy requires equipment. Wind energy being a renewable source of energy and the fact that it has no negative impact on the environment, has aroused a lot of support for it. Members of the public are encouraged to donate towards the cause. People can donate cars which will be sold and the funds generated used to support the cause. Wind energy could be the way out of so many negatives effect on the atmosphere caused by non renewable sources of energy.


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