Using Natural Sea Sponges

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Premium applicator of men’s body wash is soft, efficient and durable.

Natural wool sea sponges are a decadent, eco-friendly method of applying men’s skin care products—especially premium guy’s body washes. However, the question is often asked, “Why do I need a premium sponge when a cheap synthetic or less-expensive natural sponge will get me just as clean?”

That question can be answered in several ways, with a little basic information about the inherent qualities of natural wool sponges and their benefits in a dude’s skin care routine.

• Softness. They aren’t called “wool” sponges for nothing. The texture of a natural Caribbean wool sea sponge is as soft and irresistible as lamb’s wool, IF it’s a premium sponge and not a lesser-grade sponge. The chambers and channels that make up the porous texture of a natural Caribbean wool sea sponge create a pleasing skin-caressing surface that is tender on skin and feels amazing, which promotes relaxation and encourages thorough cleansing.

• Efficiency. Quality natural wool sponges are denser than less-expensive natural wool sponges or most synthetic sponges, which means they have more chambers and channels, and therefore they hold more liquid. That means a premium sponge can add efficiency to your men’s skin care routine. You can wash more of your body without “reloading” the sponge with men’s body wash and water. They are simple to squeeze and rinse, and they dry faster and more thoroughly than less-expensive sponges. It’s important to make sure sponges dry completely to discourage the growth of mildew and fungus.

• Durability. A cheap natural or synthetic sponge breaks down faster than a premium sponge. A better sponge not only lasts longer through an ongoing daily men’s skin care routine, but little pieces are less likely to break off and get stuck in hair and drains. A lower-quality sponge often ends up looking like a ragged hunk of unidentifiable matter that’s discolored by mildew, lurking in a corner of the bathtub.

Some who would otherwise love to use premium Caribbean wool sea sponges in their men’s skin care routines decide not to, because they are worried about depleting the supply of sponges. It’s true that natural sponges were over-harvested in the 1950s because, before we knew better, we harvested sponges with “rakes” that pulled the sponges completely off of the ocean floor.

Today, we know it’s more responsible to harvest sponges by hand cutting. This leaves a layer of sponge on the ocean floor, so the sponge can regenerate itself within one to five years. Pieces of sponge that break loose can attach themselves to a solid surface and also grow into full-size sponges. In other words, natural sponges are a renewable resource.

Now you have no excuse NOT to treat yourself to a premium natural Caribbean wool sea sponge as one of your favorite men’s skin care accessories, along with a rich men’s body wash that lives up to the wool sponge’s standards.


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