How To Make Money From Affiliate Marketing

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Affiliate Marketing means promoting someone else’s product or service online and earning a commission from every sale that results from your action of referring customers to buy from the merchant’s website, or to carry out other desired actions by the merchants.

This form of business which could be referred to as being a “middleman” “promoter” or “affiliate” has made so many people very wealthy all through the globe.

It is a form of partnership between merchants or producers of products in which the affiliates or promoters are given commission when they carry out desired actions which may be leading customers to purchase products, leading them to fill online forms, leading them to join a forum or to make subscriptions, etc.

 Affiliates can only get compensated when the desired actions are carried out thus all the affiliates need is to figure out clever ways to promote the services or products of the merchants and then get them right in the presence of those who are willing and ready to pay for them.

Once you decide to promote any product which could fall in any niche, be it weight loss, health and fitness, entertainment, personal finance, etc. you would be given an affiliate link to use in directing web traffic to the sales page of the product you are promoting and every sales made through your affiliate link will automatically yield in your own commission. You need not to worry yourself because there are very accurate and complex tracking systems to track clicks, visits and purchases made through your affiliate link.

There are globally recognized Affiliate Program Providers (APPs) like,,,, Performics, and All that is required is to sign up with these networks and start promoting their products to make money.
Methods of commission payments range from Checks, Bank transfer, Paypal, etc.

 Most of these Affiliate Program Providers (APPs) offer high percentage of commission ranging between 50% – 75%. This means if you sell a product which goes for $60, you make up to a  commission of $30 for every sales you refer. If properly done with great commitment, focus and right strategies, one can earn reasonable income from this business.

 This indeed is a very reliable way of earning and making money online.


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