Alternative Therapies a New Hope of Computer Era

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Although there are objections to the growth of alternative therapies, stating that the alternative medicines are against the conventional treatments, scientific world has begun to pay heed to the good side of alternative therapies. They are growing fast all over the world.

Why are they called alternative medicines?

When the conventional medicines are unable to cure some diseases, people try traditional treatments which have been practiced for hundreds of years. They serve as an alternative for the conventional treatments of western medicines and in most of the cases are more effective than the conventional medicines of the western world.

Origin of alternative medicines

Alternative medicines had existence in all ancient cultures for thousands of years. While mentioning about alternative medicines, uncountable methods of them come in array. But the scientific world has recognized only a few have been recognized as effective means of treatment. Some important of them which need to be mentioned may be: 1) Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) which includes a variety of formulated techniques, such as acupuncture, acupressure, Chinese herbal medicine, etc., 2) ancient Indian systems such as Ayurveda and Siddha which include yoga and Panchakarma, 3) Homeopathy, formulated by Dr. Samuel Hahnemann of Germany, 4) naturopathy, 5) aromatherapy, 6) herbal therapy, etc.

Alternative medicine versus conventional medicine

Alternative medicines have been in practice all over the world before the technological revolution in the western world. Development of technology and science began to revolutionize the medical world only by the end of the nineteenth century. Just like technological methods of finding fast results, conventional medicines based on diagnosis and antibiotics were given in treatments to yield faster results than the tradition alternative medicines. People preferred instant results and opted for conventional medicines rather than ancient alternative therapies which were slow in action. Due to colonization and faster communication ancient medicines were neglected even in countries like China and India.

Do the conventional medicines have side effects?

In course of time, the medical world began to realize that technology created its own multi-various problems. There were side effects by using conventional medicines as well as the lifestyle of the west. People all over the world were increasingly worried about the harmful side effects of the modern technological treatments. Antibiotics became powerless after using sometime and more powerful antibiotics were to be invented. Cost of treatment was also soring high. Frustration came to be the result of conventional treatment and people sought for an alternative. They began to realize that alternative medicines which are also called holistic treatments were slow and steady in their positive results.

Why does the computer world need alternative medicines?

1) Computer era has put each and every person in a dangerous pool of illness. Alternative medicines treat the person and not the mere symptoms which are the main concern of the conventional medicine.

2) Alternative therapies go to the root cause of the disease and try to solve it from the base. For example, if someone has a cold, the conventional treatment usually prescribes some readymade analgesic tablet and arrests the symptom. On the contrary, the alternative therapies find out the reason for that cold and treat all the systems of the body.

3) Alternative treatments are more natural and go along with nature sine nature is the best and powerful physician. These systems make use of the innate power of the human body which can protect itself by producing anti-infection elements within the body.

4) These alternative therapies make use of the natural resources, easily available in nature and have the properties to cure certain diseases.

5) People are fascinated by the alternative medicines because of their mind and body interaction, use of spiritual powers, and their long-lasting effect in the long run.

6) Alternative medicines are less expensive when compared with the conventional treatments of the west. They are easily available to patients in local areas and if combined with modern researches, can yield more effective results.


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