The Casey Anthony Case: Don't Blame The Jurors

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The jurors in the case that determined whether Casey Anthony killed her daughter Caylee Anthony were in a bad position: they had to determine whether Casey could be proven guilty based on the evidence. Emotions and personal beliefs had to be put aside, and the jurors had to make a decision based on facts. While they did just that, people around the world were astonished and horrified.

Casey Anthony is clearly guilty in the court of public opinion. She was probably guilty in the minds of the jurors. But wthout proper evidence, she could not be proven guilty. One juror said that their conviction doesn’t mean that Casey is innocent, but she couldn’t prove the case true without sufficient evidence.

Perez Hilton accuses jurors of making the wrong decision in the case, even going as far as to say “We just hope they’ve made the decision they can live with and bear for the rest of their lives.” How is that fair to the innocent people who were put in this horrible situation? The juror who spoke clearly felt awful about the decision, saying that she wished there was more evidence to support giving Casey Anthony a guilty verdict. That statement says it all – the juror believed that Casey did it, but without the proper evidence, couldn’t do a thing.

It’s unfair that people are blaming jurors for making the wrong decision, even though Casey Anthony may be guilty. The jurors simply did what they had to do – take the evidence that they had to come up with a conclusion. They didn’t have the evidence to prove Casey’s guilt, and because of that, had no choice but to make the verdict that they did. This is the American legal system. It works very well for most people in most cases, but every so often, the law system goes against people’s belief about a crime, and someone unfairly goes free. The American system is a great system, and is much more fair than some other legal systems around the world. (For example, the Amanda Knox saga.)

I’m not here to convince you that Casey Anthony is or is not guilty. My point is that the jurors should not be blamed for following the American legal system, because in all fairness, that was the only thing that they could do.


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