2011 Aston Martin Cygnet

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It’s not a joke, nor a prank of any kind, the pictures you may have found on the Internet of what was thought to be a photoshoped Toyota iQ, that car firstmade it as a sketch, then soon later to be made into a concept compact by Aston Martin, called the Cygnet.

Since there was a new standard set for auto makers in Europe that they had to average out their carbon footprint by the EU, for example, for every sports car an auto marker sells, they need to sell a compact or something environmently friendly as well, to create a balance.

Since such repercussions has happen, thanks to these new Emission standards that are to be in place in the coming months, the Aston Martin Cygnet has recently been put into production, it’s completely based off the new Toyota iQ, and since Aston Martin is only making this car from the Emission rules, it will only be sold in England and in most other places around Europe.


Though the Cygnet is based off the Toyota iQ, the only engine available for the Cygent is the 1.3L I4 Petrol engine that produces 98 hp, which is borrowed from the Toyota iQ. This engine produces 110g of CO2/km and can do 59 MPG. It is unknown if any other engines will be available in the coming years of production, a small possibility when Aston Martin pulls a market expansion into other regions.


Aston Martin is planning on expanding the market range for the Cygnet to more countries next year, it is unknown if it will make it to Norht America at all, but the price for a Cygnet is currently £30,000 ($49,250 USD), with plans to sell approximately 4,000 units a year.


Because such steps had to be taken to follow such strict rules with the Emissions, it’s a worry what some other car makers will do to follow suit. Only time will tell what will happen to independent supercar makers that haven’t yet prepared themselves to follow the new Emission standards. The new standards are to go in effect in the EU sometime next year, but some auto makers might have something in the works and will unviled such cars when it is necessary.


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