Top 3 Unique Ideas TO Make Money From Your Blog

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Blogging is a great way to make money online. We all know it’s potential. We have unlimited opportunities to monetize our blogs. In this article you will find Top 3 Unique Ideas to make handsome amount continuously from your blogs. Blogging simply means speaking out. A blog is also known as a weblog. Before you discover the 3 ways to earn money from your blog I would like to mention some prerequisites for blogging.

  1. You should have your blog setup. There are many places on internet where you can create it for free. Places like blogspot, wordpress, etc allow you to create your blog for free.

  2. You should have some content in your blog. There should be atleast 30-50 posts and your blog should be atleast 1 month old.

  3. Your blog should have some traffic. This means that people around the globe are visiting on your blog to read your blog’s content.

  4. Commitment and Hard-work.

If you have a big smile on your face after reading the above prerequisites then you should read the 3 unique ideas below.

  1. Google Adsense

According to me the first thing that every blogger should do is to join Google Adsense. The greatest advantage of adsense is that you have permanent income. With adsense you can place many forms of ads on your blog. Once you get your basics right then you can easily earn huge amounts continuously from your blog without much effort.

I have read many success stories and I also know many bloggers personally who are earning a huge amount of money with adsense every month.  

     2. Sponsored Reviews

According to me Sponsored Reviews is a great opportunities for bloggers. You can earn a guaranteed handsome amount for your reviews or articles. Meanwhile it is also very simple and no technical know-how is needed.

There are many review networks on internet which you can join and add your blogs to them. They will provide you the topics and you just have to write a review while following their guidelines. You are paid everytime you submit your article. The payment varies between 20$ – 200$.

3. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is considered as a boon for bloggers. You can definitely pocket handsome amount just by promoting other companies products on your blogs. At present there are many sites which have large pool of producers who require affiliates like you to promote their product online.

All you have to do is to make your visitors buy the required product from your blog through your referral link. For each sale you earn a high commission from the company. The commission may vary according to the price of the products. But with sale of a dozen products you can easily pocket your yearly income!!

I have compiled a list of top 3 unique ideas to make money from your blog. But remember these are not the only opportunities available to make money from the blog but these are the best money making ideas as by implementing these ideas your minimum monthly income will be somewhere between 1500$ – 2000$. So I hope by now you may have understood the blogging potential. 


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