Choose Your Battles Wisely

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You can’t fight all the battles, but you will be tempted. If you are foolish enough to fight them all indiscriminately all you will accomplish is you will stretch your resources, energy and strength thin until you can’t work towards achieving your goals, until you can’t function, until any little inconsequential thing will get the better of you and topple you. You must choose your battles wisely; you must preserve your resources and health for the battles that really matter.

If there is a problem shouldn’t it be solved, if there is a confrontation shouldn’t we face it? Running away is for cowards- this is precisely the attitude that will get you in trouble. You don’t have to solve all the problems, some of the problems are not even yours.

Your day begins as usual with a trip to your favorite coffee shop, today you are getting nothing from the coffee shop staff but the attitude. You bite your tongue, you choose not to react, there are two important meetings scheduled for today you want to be collected, sharp, full of positive energy which you know will work wonders at the meetings, you have no time for early morning squabbles. You have your coffee, but as you attempt to quit the shop you get shoved and pushed by the entering group of people. It is not pleasant, but does this singular event change any of important things in your life: relationship with loved ones, your work, your dreams? The answer is No; that is unless you decide to make a fool out of yourself and engage in confrontation or fight which may lead to your arrest and you losing your job. Is it worth it? Learn to control your emotions. Concentrate on important things in your life.

You get into your car, you drive to work suddenly you are pulled over for no apparent reason and given a ticket. It is unpleasant, but is this particular occurrence a pivotal moment in your life? No, it is not, unless you unwittingly make it so. Handle the situation with non offensive sense of humor, if you make the police officer laugh he might let you off the hook, but don’t count on it.

You arrive to work only to discover a coworker was trying to sabotage your meetings- this is a serious matter which requires your full attention. This is a battle you must fight to protect your job and livelihood. You must not rush into confrontation, you must think carefully, plan your actions ahead of time, plan your reaction to your adversary’s actions. Consider all possible actions your adversary may take, plan for each one of them. The less you leave up to chance the more control you will have in the situation.


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