Walk in Tubs Canada: Dispelling The Myths

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When it comes to walk-in bath tubs there are many myths that you may have heard about. Many will tell you that you have to make huge renovations to install one, that they require a second hot water heater tank, that you cannot shower in a walk-in tub, and that they are made for the elderly and disable only. None of these myths are true and you really need to understand why. Here is the truth behind each of these rumors.

1. Renovating your home

While there is a bit of work to have a new walk-in tub installed, it’s no more difficult than having a new bath tub that is not a walk-in installed. You can find one made to fit your current design and you do not have to make any significant renovations in order to accommodate a walk-in tub.

2. The second hot water tank

Another one of the myths is that you have to have a second hot water tank installed. Some have decided to do this because they have purchase a very large model that is too big for their current hot water tank. This is not the case with the smaller models and the more normal sized walk-in tubs. Also, many walk in tubs now have in-line heaters built in so the water stays warm throughout the duration of your bath without having to periodically add more hot water.

3. You cannot shower in a walk-in tub

This is simply not true and with nearly every model of walk-in tub you will have a shower that you can use. It is typically a removable shower head that is mounted on the tub deck next to the taps and is used while you are in the tub, but you can also opt to have the shower head mounted up on the wall like a conventional shower.

4. They are only for seniors and the disabled

There are many reasons why an able-bodied person would also want to have a walk-in tub in their home. One reason is that they are much safer than a traditional tub in terms of avoiding slips and falls. Other benefits include stress relief, muscle and joint pain relief, better blood circulation, and much more! It’s like having a fresh-water hot tub, right in the privacy of your own bathroom.

Now you know why these myths are not true and hopefully you will feel more confident about possibly choosing a walk in tub for your bathroom.


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