Fun Ways To Earn On The Web

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Get Paid to Socialize

Essentially, when we talk about networking, Facebook is the first website that comes to mind. It is inevitable as it has taken Google as the World most valuable brand. Making money with Facebook is difficult as people there usually looking for opposite sexes or stalking ex-lovers despite the high user rate.

Introducing MatesGate, this website essentially pays you to social. All you need to do is to click the two advertisement banners daily and you will earn. It also allows you to have the opportunity to refer members so that you can earn more.

I have been paid monthly by MatesGate and it is really a very rewarding site. The best part of all, I can meet people who are having the same interest as I am, that is earning online.

View this Guide for more information and payment proof of MatesGate .

Get paid to Chat

This website basically offer a all in one solution for online earners. Basically, it allows you to have the opportunity to earn on the Internet by chatting and writing. But I personally find chatting with this website is much more rewarding than its other opportunities like get paid to play game. Well, I like it very much and I think most people would find chatting in RO2 very entertaining.

For PTC users who wants to find referrals, this is the place. You engaged and chat with users and refer them. Based on my experiences in this chat website, most people gladly become your referrals without any conditions.

500 lines of chat earns you around US$1. I think for people who wishes to kill some time, this is the most rewarding and effective website.

Apart from RO2, there is another site that provides you a platform to earn on the Internet just by chatting. The calculation of how much you earn per line is based on the current pot rate you see on the tool bar at the top. So if you find that the pot rate is really high on Birejji, you can hop on to this site and start chatting to earn. There is two payment options available on this site. There are namely, PayPal and AlertPay and cashout amount is $0.25 and $1 respectively.

An interesting earning option on Birejji is that it allows you to earn as a village owner (Chat Channel Owner). You will stand to receive 5% of the total money made by the members within the village. If you have a bunch of friends, refer them over and start opening a village to benefit from this opportunity now. Imagine, All you need to do is to sign up on this website now.

Get Paid to Share Pictures

I believe this Get Paid to Share Picture Website is especially helpful for people who frequently engaged in discussion forums. At times, there were needs for you to share payment proofs or images with fellow forummers.

This is not rocket science. Simply upload your images and share it. The more clicks the uploaded images received, the more you will earn. 5000 clicks generally earns you US$5. But that is dependable where the traffic is from. Traffic from region like U.S earns you the most money.


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