Is it Time For Arsenal to Let go of Cesc Fabregass?!

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When he arrived at arsenal Cesc Fabregass was still an unknown material. A young lad from La Masia who hadn’t yet been proven at the highest stage. Arsene gave him a chance and immediately everyone recognized as to what a talent the Spaniard really is.

With the end of the famous ‘invicibles’, Arsene decided to build the team virtually around the young midfielder, and after the departures of Vieira, Henry and Gilberto, he was made captain of Arsenal. Was he made captain because he has the leadership qualities or was it in order to increase his responsibbilities and make him stay at the club?! that is up for debate! But he was still a young lad and it was a massive weight on his shoulders.

As Cesc became the engine of the team, Arsene Wenger changed the formation from the traditional 4-4-2 into 4-3-3 partly because the Spaniard didn’t seem strong enough to cope with the two midfielders system.

But eversince Barcelona made it known that they want the Spaniard back home, things havent been smooth. In every transfer window its been about “Barca want Cesc and Arsenal dont want to sell”. And fabregass has made it known to the world that he wants to go back.

Arsenal have been firm on that and they dont want to let their captain leave. This season again its no different, Barcelona want him, he wants to go and arsenal wont let him..(at least not below their valuation of 40m euros). But some fans think its time for arsenal to let him go once and for all simply because, Arsenal is a massively big club and its not right to have as your captain someone who publicly keeps on restating his desire to play for another team.

While everyone agrees that Cesc has been the engine of Arsenal’s midfield for a number of years, it is now evident with the rise of Wilshere, Nasri and Ramsey that the gunners can now look somewhere else for quality in the middle of the pack.

But as a big club, its more than obvious that arsenal have to retain their best players and having gone 6 years without a trophy, this might not be the right time to go separate ways with probably your best player.

Will he go? will he stay?. There seem to be plenty of time before we find out. But it looks as if Cesc wants to leave, Barca want him and Arsenal won’t let go that easily. If he goes, Arssenal fans will surely wish him well and if he stays, I am sure He will step on the pitch and give his best again for the gunners.


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