Google Plus – A Threat to Facebook

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Google has launched what everyone is calling “Facebook’s new competitor”, to face the Internet’s number one and most preferred social networking website, Facebook. People are saying that this may start a new war, against all other social networking sites including Facebook which has more than 600 million users!

Google has tried its best in the past at social networking but ultimately failed to make a difference on the web, and so here comes Google Plus! It provides users with features that we experience on various other sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Foursquare, etc. The latest features available on the website include status updating, photo sharing, video sharing and even video chatting! Even though Google Plus is currently in the so-called invitation-only-registration mode, it has already become a sensation with a huge number of invites being sent. It seems to be Google’s “strategy”, to create hype by exploiting users and exploring the eagerness they have for its service.

There are only four silos (home, photos, profile and circles) to click on. Though games such as Farmville are not available on the website. The website has a few features similar to that of Facebook, including sharing, editing, deleting photos and videos. Users also have an option to ‘mute’ the annoying conversations on their stream. The application for iOS is available and is also functional for the Android platform, but is still not available for Symbian users, which is a sad. The new “circles” concept is pretty interesting which Google has included, that allows users to create their own social spheres.

Google Plus is something really innovative and new from Google. It integrates all of Google’s features into one social network, making the experience a whole lot better.  Facebook recently announced the “Skype Video integration” into their social network, which shows that Facebook will do anything to stay at the top and remain ‘the most preferred social network’ on the Internet. Things haven’t been going too well in the past few months at Mountain View for Google, and so, Google’s “top-secret” project has finally been revealed, and this may be the end of Facebook Dominance.


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