How to Prevent And Reduce Stretch Marks

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You are likely going to avoid a stone successfully from hitting you if you know where the stone is coming from.
For those who have stretch marks, do you know you can reduce the effect of stretch marks on your skin or better still prevent it from getting worse?
For those who do not have stretch marks,
……….well lucky you!

BUT, there is one thing;
Do you know that ANYBODY can have stretch marks?
If this is true, then you must do something now to prevent stretch marks from appearing on your skin.
The following tips will help you prevent stretch marks from appearing on your skin:
1. Drink lots of water: Drink plenty of water everyday as it helps to keep your skin hydrated. Well hydrated skin can easily stretch than a skin that is dry. See post on 6 sure ways to help you drink more water daily to find out how you can take in more water to stay hydrated. And incase you are intereested in knowing some of the benefits of water, feel free to visit benefits of drinking more water for more information.

2. Eat healthy diet: Eat good food all times. Good food is very good for your skin. It helps your skin stay healthy. You can also focus on food rich in vitamin A, C, D and E.
3. Watch your weight: To prevent stretch marks you must ensure you check the rate at which you add or reduce weight. Sudden rapid weight gain or lose can cause stretch marks to appear on your skin.
If you already have stretch marks, adding weight or losing weight rapidly can make it worse.
Stay off drugs that cause you to gain or lose weight rapidly. This is very important. Most people want to add or lose weight quickly. They end up taking drugs that would cause sudden change in weight. This sudden change most times causes stretch marks.
4. Moisturize likely affected areas: Moisturize areas that are prone to stretch marks such as your breast, belly, hips, and buttocks.

For those with stretch marks you can massage affect areas.
Massage with products containing shea or cocoa butter, about two to three times daily.

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