Managemement by Neglect

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I suppose we could call this management by neglect.  Although it is not exactly that.  It is a little more like the Colin Powell philosophy:  Don’t sweat the small stuff.  It’s all small stuff.

We have an office guru who often says things like:  “As long as I get paid.”  She also frequently says “Whatever”  and “Who cares!”

You might ask, in these austere times, how  a person can stay employed with such an attitude.  Well, if you ask her why some obscure thing is done is some obscure way, she can tell you in detail, the reason why, 5 years ago,  some person who is no longer employed by the company did something at the behest of  another person, who now works for the  company in a different capacity.  So you can’t get rid of her any more than you can get rid of  that very eccentric and rich uncle Frank–you know the bachelor from whom you hope to someday inherit a small fortune?    If only you can keep putting up with his practical jokes.

So you can get away with  managing work situations by ennui if you are the holder of corporate legacy knowledge or if you do your job very well.  People will put up with a lot from you if they can be made to realize that you are one of the reasons why they continue to get paid.  This is especially so if in their after action reports they figure out that the only person who knew that certain aspects of the new company technology push would be a disaster if implemented as planned, was you.

If you are really brave and bold you may take the liberty to show up late and leave early.  However, this privelege must e earned.  The casualy observer will think you are getting away with something.  Until they have to take care of your labors when you are vacation.  Then they find out that you rise early every morning and while still at work perform essential company business that few know about and even fewer could do.  The loss of sleep alone may make them long for the days when they will no longer be “special.”  And the way the bosses scream at them when they screw it up–a little–will make them happy to be “nobody” again.


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