Find The Right Low Cost Marketing For Small Business

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Marketing is an essential activity for any business. It doesn’t
have to be expensive. In fact, some of the most effective
ways to market your business are also the cheapest. Here
are several ways to promote your business without
spending a lot of money.

Establish a website for your products. This is one of the
best and cheapest ways to promote your products. Once
you have a website, you can put your website address on all
of your business stationary, on your cosmetic labels, and
you can register your website on the internet. Establishing a
professional looking website does not have to be
expensive. is my personal favorite. You can
get a domain name, website hosting, and web based email
there for $25 a year. They also provide a web building tool
which you can use to get a nice looking website up and
running in under an hour.

Hand out business cards to everyone that might have an
interest in your products. Make sure that your business
cards have your mailing address, phone number, email
address and website address. Visit your local office supply
store for business cards that you can print on your home
computer, or order stock business cards from your local
print shop.

List a few of your products at an online auction site like
eBay. This is one of the cheapest ways to promote your
business. Many online vendors list products at eBay, and
then put their contact information in their “About Me” page, or
send their business contact information enclosed with their
eBay orders.

Send out a press release to tell others about your business.
One of the most popular sites for sending out press
releases online is You can send one for free
using their service. You should also send out a press
release to your local newspaper. Local papers are hungry
for news about the community, and telling them about your
business should get your business some exposure.

Look for companies in your community that could use your
service or products and tell them what you have to offer. You
can either visit them in person, or send them something by
mail and then make a follow up phone call. If you need help
doing this then ask or hire someone to do it for you.


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