When Clouds Cry/the Ocean/the Delicate Jasmine/sunrise

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When clouds cry,

they sing a devestating song.

Tears dancing across the fields of time,

as the thunder rolls along.

When clouds cry,

to the open sea beyond the sands,

the darkness will find,

a hurricane stricken land.

When clouds cry,

their song to the Earth,

the people strive,

for help to be heard.

When clouds cry,

to all the terrains,

their darkness lies,

from hills to plains.


I hear the whispering waves,

calling me to the shore of soft sands.

The water washes over my feet,

surrounding me where I stand.

The ocean breezes kiss my face,

and brush my long hair.

The wind awakens my soul,

acknowledging my presence.

The salty air I can taste on the tip of my tongue,

and feel the warm rays on my skin from the sun.

The ocean refreshes my heart and thoughts,

where true inspiration is often sought.


A jasmine so delicate and true,

white as snow,

it’s scent awakens with the morning dew,

blowing softly through the air,

sweet jasmine perfumes,

I breathe deeply the sweetness,

of nature.

The jasmine buds open wide,

and shine like stars that glow in the night.

It’s beauty is delicate,

as the scent that refreshes my mind,

so healing to the spirit,

it lifts me high.

The jasmine awakens with the morning sun,

displaying it’s delicate petals,

dancing in the wind,

spreading it’s perfume upon the Earth,

bringing with it a new day,

a new birth.


The sun rises slowly,

buries the darkness,

overpowers the night,

and casts it’s golden rays,

upon a westward waking dawn.

The horizon awakens,

to a newborn day,

painting it’s light,

over oceans and streams,

glittering like white diamonds.

The sunrise shows a symbol of good,

in a world that is complicated,

showing God’s face smiling,

at the wonders and beauty of the Earth,

in the early morning hours.

 A small collection of nature poetry describing the ocean, sunrise, clouds, and the delicate jasmine flower. Nature is truly amazing. You can visit more of my nature poetry on Triond. http://www.triond.com/users/Shannon+Lynn+Farlouis


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