All About Sex Again

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What about Sex Again

I have been on the Internet for six years now. Guys and gals have a false notion of earning money off these sites .I dare say they pay. As regards sex I have already given all of you the option to discuss as in a message. It will be nice to integrate Eastern culture with Western and come out with some sort of consensus as in the West sex is like having prepaid coffee across TIM HORTONS, whereas in the Eastern society, sex has a deeper rooted and more emotional, rather than sexual equation.

The East is more preoccupied on traditional sex, whereas a guy, say 13or 14 years onwards has already experimented, all kinds of sexual activities in the West, where even gayism is now an openly accepted natural norm. We must change with times and not live in closeted quarters, as we are only responsible for the earth as long as our nine decades plus, of life is concerned.

Sexual and mental compatibilities are the need and order of the day, in order to avoid more psychopathic assaults on kids as revenge, how so ever bitter sweet it may appear .We must continue to portray and behave as a society, worth its name and well above the animal kingdom. This if we have to make use of our brains, control our environment and contain a sexually satisfied soul, in our sojourn on planet Earth and leave it with better guidelines for future generations.

In my personal view sex is merely a matter of lust, engineered by the hormones, testosterone in males and estrogen in females till about 27 years of age, in both sexes ,the desire for satisfying sex as a lustful need needs to be satisfied. Its only after the sexual desires once quenched level up, for the next twenty or more years in males and menopause in females, owing the basic functions of the biological form of the body ,does the nuance of love pop in, particularly when one by then has more responsibilities towards children. Their upbringing health and education and so on. Its then when comes the subject of a stability and affection and love, as in an integrated family.

It’s only after lust that we can concentrate on love, particularly when in later life we may need more companionship and love, and communication between partners. There has to be an admixture of cultures in a world which is far outstretching as a Global Village with interracial import, integration of genes and culture and so on and so forth.


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