The 2013 Nissan Z

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Nissan is currently developing a replacement for the 370Z, in it’s native home of Japan, it’s the next-gen Fairlady, but simply known as the Z car, and it’s name is pending for markets outside of Japan. Nissan is planning of having the next-gen Z car of an option hybrid engine, just like everyone else is doing, also Nissan is currently testing different and new components that they are just putting in Infinitis, such as the new 3.5L V6 engine and an all new and highly advance ECU system, which should push Nissan cars above the 30 MPG mark.

Another engine that Nissan is considering, it to give the next Z car an option to also have a diesel engine, to boost sales in Europe, since there appears to be some sort of diesel engine boom with new cars, probably just to save money and make the cars a bit cheaper, since it’s better then a hybrid, based on performance. 

Some specs of the new V6 engine that could be seen in the new Z is currently in the M Hybrid, which in that car produces 360 hp and 450 lbs of torque, and the new ECU is probably a up-rated version from the one also seen in the M Hybrid.

Some rumors of test mules of the Z car in America, but the test mule is said to be a new M Hybrid with and unseen equipment in the car, possibly a reworked engine, the new ECU, and powertrain. Another rumor, but may ring some truth, is that Nissan is only planning on having the next Z car to be produced in Japan.

The New Z car has been called the Fairlady or the Fairlady Z in Japan, but been given a different name everywhere else that this car has been sold since the early 1970’s.

No official information has been released about the car’s appearance or any new features or gadgets that could be in the car, but the new Z car could be unveiled as a concept end of this year or beginning of the next, prices have also not been confirmed at this time, but Nissan currently plans to start production early spring of 2013, which is also being the latest time the new Z will be on sale, only time will tell what will happen.


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