2014 Holden VF Commodore

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Recently, the successor of the VE has been approved by GM’s VP of Global Design, Ed Welburn, after a trip to Melbourne. The new Holden Commodore VF will keep the rear-wheel drive layout, but the car is expected to have an overhaul on everything compared to the VE, which is the car the the VF will replace. 

The new Commodore is going to be 7% more fuel efficient, with an expected 26 – 28 MPG being the target after some weight saving has been done, also thanks to some advance fuel systems, the car is going to be the first locally-produced automobile to incorporate mass produced aluminium panels in its construction. 

No official word about the new Commodore being a hybrid, but some sources has indicated that it’s not going to happen yet, possibly when the Commodore range gets completely replaced, which will happen around 2020, when following the direction of having more front-wheel drive cars, a huge green role in GM’s future plans to do so.

In Australia, where the Commodore is built, the new VF project will help generate about 250 more jobs and cost of the project was much cheaper then originally planned, as the new Commodore is going to cost about $189 million AU, instead of a price range around what the VE has cost, which was just under $1 Billion AU. The Commodore is to be built in the same factory as the Chevy Cruze, Holden’s Elizabeth Plant.

Holden is going to be keeping the same V6 engine for the VF, as the engines that have been available on the VE are to be carried over, but improved and up-rated. No information has been released about the updated engine, but it’ll still be a 3L V6. An updated model is also planned, with a V8 engine for an option, the same V8 that is found in the Chevrolet Corvette, but no other infromation has been released about other engines or when the V8 option is going to be available.

The VF Commodore is said to be on sale summer 2013, as 2014, prices and other information are still pending, as a production model will be unveiled sometime next year.


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