2011 Pagani Huayra

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The all new Pagani, called the Huayra (pronounced “Hi-ra”), which was recently unveiled at the Geneva Auto Salon 2011 and was seen in the video game, Need for Speed Shift 2 Unleashed. The Huayra’s name is from a South American wind god, Huayra-tata, and also referenced from the race car, Huayra Pronello Ford, from the late ’60s.

The engine is the same Mercedes-AMG 6L V12, as seen in the Zonda, but with two turbo-chargers, to give the Huayra 700 hp and 740 lbs of torque, the Huayra can sprint 0 – 60 mph in about 3.3 seconds and has a top speed of around 230 mph. 

Some features on the Huayra, came from the Zonda R, such as the body construction, which is made out of carbotanium, other features of the car include, gull wing doors, putting the fuel tank behind the seats, and a new transmission, which is seven-speed sequential gearbox and a dual-disc clutch, which is much lighter then using a dual clutch set-up, which was originally planned to be used. 

The Huayra has a lightweight titanium exhaust system, which was designed and built by MHG-Fahrzeugtechnik, includes Inconel silencers, which increases reliability of the exhaust at extreme temperatures, and Hydroformed joints, which is for reduced back pressure and free flowing exhaust. The engine uses dry sump lubrication, to prevent oil surge at high speeds, which allowed the engine to be mounted lower, for improved accelerating and handling as well. 

Some other process that were used to save weight, besides a lighter transmission and a advance exhaust system, is that the expansion tank is mounted directly on the engine, while the intercooler fins act as expansion tank circuit at low temperatures. 

A new cooling system has been made for the Huayra, which is two radiators positioned laterally to the anterior face, to improve the efficiency of the intercoolers at the top of the cylinders, also to insure that the car can still run at temperatures exceeding 122 °F. A heat exchanger was also made for the water and oil system, to minimize engine warm-up times on cold days and it also helps maintain stable temperatures for refrigerants and lubricants.

An entirely new feature on the Huayra, is that it has active aerodynamics, which means that the car can change height from the front towards the ground, and operating four flaps placed at the rear and front of the car that work independently by a ddedicated control unit that works with the ABS and ECU, all of this helps to minimize drag coefficient and increases downforce, also the rear flaps acts as an airbrake, during hard braking, both the front suspension and the two rear flaps are raised to counteract weight transfer to the front wheels and to keep the whole car very stable, especially hitting a corner at high speeds.

The Huayra has just went into production and it’s price is $1.4 Million USD.


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