2012 Nissan Gt-R

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To keep the GT-R selling and for it to be at the top of it’s competition, such as the new Porsche 911, chief engineer, Kazutoshi Mizuno, has put his foot down and had this car massively improved, both exterior and performance.

Better tweaked suspension, bigger brakes, 45 hp more and up from 14 more torques (to 530 hp and 448 lb-ft of torque), it can now sprint 0 – 60 mph in 3 seconds, and that’s from a that weights 3,888 lbs! Other enhancements include the four dampers, that were once plastic, are now utilizing an aluminum piston, increased caster setting, lower mounted dampers, lowered rear suspension’s roll center, improving brake cooling efficiency, some carbon-composite structural braces were added along the interior, one by the firewall and the other inside the dash. They have even improved the rims by making them stiffer and over 6 lbs lighter each.

Other tweaks and enhancements are the reprogrammed six-speed dual-clutch transmission, new Launch and VDC systems, a slight increase of fuel economy, mostly from the improved downforce and the tweaks done to the engine that also gave it a bit more power, by an average of 2 mpg more. Other improvements to the engine are a revised turbo boost and an improved free-flowing intake and exhaust systems. Improvements to it’s downforce are eliminated some airflow over the hood and roof and redesigned front bumper.

New interior, with bits of carbon fiber on the dash, a redesigned instrument panel pad, new, reshaped seats, and there’s even a new center stack, entirely made of carbon fiber. 

Nissan has even reworked the trim levels, there is only two now, according to Nissan, there is no such thing as a base model, so your choices are either Premium or Black Edition.

According to Edmunds, the only cons of the new GT-R is that it’s big and has no conventional manual transmission, but that’s very little for what all the cars upsides are, which there’s a lot of them, mostly about how much you get for it’s price.

The Price of the 2012 GT-R is said to be right under the $100,000 USD mark and will go on sale end of the year.


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