2011 Land Rover Range Rover Evoque

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It has debuted as the LRX Concept back at the 2008 Detroit Auto Show, as it was showing an all new design and new technology for what Land Rover has developed, compared to current production Land Rovers. The LRX is the smallest Land Rover to date, being about 14.3 feet long and 5 feet tall, the LRX was made to be a low emission, fuel-efficient, sports SUV. The production model is called the Range Rover Evoque.

New equipment for the Range Rover Evoque includes, updated Terrain Response system, ERAD (electric rear axle drive) parallel hybrid powertrain system, stop-start system, regenerative brakes, and removable carbon composite roof panels, to save weight. Some exterior features on the Evoque including, the ‘floating’ roof, thanks to the blacked out greenhousing, dual-pocket headlamps, and the raked roofline, which was from the Range Rover Sport.

The Interior features for theRange Rover Evoque are, interior lighting changes with the Terrain Response, with the all new ‘floating’ three-dimensional LCD feature on the dash, aluminium centre console, the seats have open frameworks, to show off a light, airy interior, also creating a useful feature of under-seat and under-floor storage space. A new mechanism system was made for the folding rear seats, increases interior flexibility and produces a large, flat storage area whenever needed.

In order for the production-ready Range Rover Evoque to be made in the first place, Land Rover had to get a grant from the UK Government of £27 million, then had to make an agreement that the production of the LRX, called the Range Rover Evoque, will be done in the Halewood, Liverpool facility. According to Land Rover, the reason behind for putting the Evoque into production was to make Land Rovers more desirable.

Currently, only a 3 door Range Rover Evoque version is in production, but Land Rover does plan to produce a 5 door version later on, and there are several trim levels that can be picked when buying one. Recently, price information has been released, the base model will cost £27,955, to the top range model being £44,320. More information about the 5 door version and other detailes will be released soon.


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