Ipod Software And User Interface

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iPod is a device introduced by apple company. This small device made a big different in the world and became very popular among people. It was introduced to the world in year 2001 and lot of people started to enjoy with it from year 2001.
Now there are different types of iPods which has different features. They are
1. iPod Classic
2. iPod Touch
3. iPod Nano
4. iPod shuffle
I’ll tell about these different types of iPods in future post. Here I’m going just introduce iPods.
Name iPod was introduced by Vinnei Chieco
Now users can run several applications using the iPod , iPod name came from the 2001 Space Odyssey.
iPod has a User interface including color display mode and it includes buttons also. Now you can use iPod to listen to the music , watch videos, play games, search internet and other educational purposes etc.

Usually iPods can play several audio file formats like Mp3 AIFF WAV etc. In iPods you can also display JPEG, BMP, PNG, and GIF file formats too and also later generations of iPods can display video file formats also. Originally iPod applications only run with Mac operating System. IPod software for windows was introduced with the second generation of iPods. Not like lot of other media players iPods don’t support to the audio file format WMA of Microsoft’s but WMA convertor provides with the Windows version of iTunes. MIDI files also can’t play using iPods but can be converted in to audio files using menu in iTunes. IPod color display user interface has five buttons except some generations.

Here I am only discussing about software that can use with iPods and operating systems which supports to iPods. I’ll talk about iPod generations and many other things in my next blog post regarding iPods. In later generations of iPods have the buttons attached to a click wheel. What is this iPod click wheel? IPod click wheel is the navigation tool in lot of iPod models. Some times it uses a combination of touch technology and sometimes traditional buttons. This click wheel allows user to find images videos songs and games. IPod buttons have basic things such as menu, play, pause, next track, previous track etc. IPod touch doesn’t have a click wheel. It uses 3.5 inch touch screen with Home button.


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