Nine Important Health Benefits of Tea Tree Oil

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Tea tree plant is an exotic herb plant used as the source for tea tree oil. It is a popular good looking plant with a lot of medicinal benefits. The tea tree oil extracted from it is very useful as an antiviral and antifungal. One of the most beneficial elements of this plant is its mosquito-repellent property. The oil from the tea plant can be used as an effective natural disinfectant ingredient in household cleaning liquids.

Tea tree oil is known for its remarkable properties which have antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and decongestant effects on the skin to fight infections.

Nine important health benefits of tea tree oil

1) An excellent panacea for many ailments

Tea tree oil which contains at least 48 different organic compounds is a germicide and fungicide with additional characteristics of dissolving pus and debris. Researches have revealed that the compounds work together to produce the healing abilities found in the oil. They have found it effective for thrush and also for vaginal.

2) A handy first aid kit

Tea tree essential oil is an important component of any first aid kit. It is a must in every first aid kit. It can help with many minor conditions that commonly occur and can be used topically for all skin ailments such as, cuts, burns, acne, cold sores, boils, warts, staph infections, vaginal infections, ringworm, skin rashes, impetigo, herpes, corns and abscess.

3) An effective remedy for acne

Tea tree oil is an effective remedy in the treatment and prevention of acne blemishes. Acne is caused mainly by bacterial infection. Using tea tree oil is is one of the best and most effective natural methods of dealing with acne without side effects because it contains antibacterial and therapeutic skin elements that have proven to be helpful for healing acne. It can be used as a strong organic solvent to help healing and dispersing pus in pimples and wounds.

4) Arrests respiratory ailments

Tea tree essential oil is used for many common respiratory ailments such as coughs, irritations of mouth, sore throats and runny nose. It can break up and allow the mucus to be expelled before it can settle into the chest, thus preventing it from causing further problems. It helps arresting certain respiratory conditions such as asthma, bronchitis and tuberculosis.

5) Soothes pain

Tea tree essential oil can soothe and relieve muscle and joint pain. It can be very effective to relieve pain in the cases of bites and stings. It can penetrate into the epidermis and can heal in the inner level of the skin. Massaging with tea tree oil on sore muscles and joint injuries can help alleviate discomfort and pain.

6) Tea tree oil treats fungal Infections

The antiseptic properties of the tea tree oil can treat successfully fungal infections such as jock itch, athlete’s foot and nail fungus infection. It can penetrate into the skin and kill bacteria.

7) Moisturizes and helps hair care

Tea tree oil moisturizes the hair and keeps the production of hair’s natural oil in balance. It stimulates the scalp and keeps the scalp free of bacterial and fungal problems. It unblocks clogged hair follicles. Tea tree oil has also been found to be useful remedy for head lice and dandruff.

8) A good insect repellent

Tea tree oil can be used to deter fleas, mosquitoes and other insects. It is used a good mosquito repellent and this oil can be applied for insect bites and stings. It has a property to neutralize the venom of minor insect bites.

9) An ideal purifier

Tea tree oil is used as a disinfectant in sanitary cleansing materials to purify air. It is suitable and safe for home use as well as in hospital rooms since it does not interfere with other treatments for the patient.

Tea tree oil is available everywhere. It also can be grown as an indoor plant. It is advisable to have it in every house as a first aid remedy.


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