Fear IS The Friend You Take ON All Your Adventures

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These are a few points from Wendy Robbins’ book, “Why Marry A Millionaire? Just Be One!”

Please write down your dream life in the next few minutes – contemplate who is with you, you you are, what you do, consider health, wealth, fun, spirit, home, friends, family, contribution…. Use some of what you wrote from the previous chapter or start new.

Ok, now where did those ideas come from? Who was the thinker behind your thoughts? Did you think in your head or your heart? Did you have a vision? Hear something? Have you ever thought about it before? Is this new? Have you experienced anything you imagine? Were these thoughts from a new reference or an old one?

Do you think it’s possible to attract those things? Any doubts or fears? What’s coming up for you? What stops you from having what you desire?

Create a list now. For a lot of people it’s that they say they don’t have enough time, money, don’t believe in myself, don’t have enough info, what if I fail or succeed? I haven’t been successful in my past… I’ve heard it all.. haven’t we all?

I get sad hearing people say they “don’t have time” to do what they love. They painted or played music twenty years ago but gave up the dream because they got to busy trying to make money… or raising children or fill in the blank excuse.

I invite you right now, to take on your life, and to do what you value. To create from a place of courage… even the word “courage” can cause a tightness in the chest, can’t it? I’m asking you to feel whatever is coming up for you and go for it anyway.

The graveyards are full of people who didn’t take a chance on themselves and now they are dead. You are not more afraid of being alive then dead, are you?

Confused about this – go to a cemetery today. Walk around. Imagine the lives these people lead. Did they do what mattered most? Let the idea of mortality seep into your bones and chill you into recognition that now is the time to live fully.

Even if you are scared, take action to spite your fears. That is the difference between poor and middle class and rich people. Rich folks, I respect, take chances, live fully, and die empty.

So let’s ask some questions about fear and doubt… (you can ask at the cemetery to really instill urgency in you if you are someone who procrastinates, makes excuses, tells the same stories over and over, waits to take action or to to make a decision or lets fear get in your way.)

Write in your journal the answers to the following:

What has your fear cost you?
How much money?
How many relationships?
What about your health? Vibrancy? Urgency?

Write it down.

What has your fear cost you in the last 5 years?

Could fear be a child?
Could you love your fear?
Who is holding onto the fear? Who is identified with the fear?


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