Choosing a Blog Name

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A general or a themed blog

When you want to start a blog take time to think about what you going to blog about. You may have a theme in mind, for example, you may want to blog about Formula 1. You may want to blog about new stuff coming out such as clothes, gadgets or electric vehicles. Having a theme makes choosing a name slightly easier because it points you in one direction.

You may want to start a general blog. Choosing a name for a general blog can be easy or very difficult. Without a theme you have to find a direction in which to go to think of a name. That’s difficult to do. On the other hand you are free to choose any name that comes to mind, which should make it easy.
If you want to make it easy then simply pick any name because it doesn’t need to reflect any theme. For example, “apples-and-bananas” or “pens-and-paperclips”.

Finding a direction to help choose the name

If you want to make it difficult then you need to find a direction in which to go. To find a direction you need to think about the things you are most likely to blog about. For example, what you do most of the time, perhaps a specific activity you do more than any other or you want to blog your journey through life (this could be classed as a theme). Perhaps you’re in a specific place or location such as an office or town (these could also be themes). The problem here is that you need to be creative.

Being creative is more difficult than you might think. Sometimes you may have a great idea that comes from nowhere. But sometimes you can sit in front of a blank screen and absolutely nothing comes to mind for hours or even days. You can get creative by doing some freewriting.

Freewriting (see the book “Writing Without Teachers” by Peter Elbow) is simply to have the topic in mind and write something down and continue writing non-stop for ten minutes. It’s a brain dump of the stuff that’s going on in your head. If there is nothing in what you’ve written that you can use, do it again. Gradually the fog of confused thought will clear. Have a look at what you’ve written, choose some appropriate keywords and put them together. You will come up with something.

Try metaphors or similes

When trying to find appropriate names for your themed or general blog try some metaphors and similes. A metaphor is to say that something is something else, for example, “That man is a rat”. A simile is to say that something is like something else, for example, “That man is like a rat.”.

If you decide to theme your blog and you want to write about new clothes coming out, then you may think of a metaphor or simile such as “new leaves on the tree”. New clothes (new leaves) coming out as old clothes (old leaves) go out of fashion. This is a weak example, but it gets the point across. Note that “” is available at this time if you really feel you need it.

Check that the metaphor or simile doesn’t mean something else. You don’t want to come up with a good metaphor only to find it means something inappropriate. In addition, they can obscure what your blog is really about. It may not be obvious to the reader what the blog is about until they read it – if they ever do. Yet again it comes down to being creative.

Check availability

You’ve come up with a name and now you need to check if it’s taken. Unless you’ve been very creative, it usually is taken. But if you really want that name, check to see if the blog is active. If it’s active, forget the name and find another. If it’s not active put hyphens in the name and check again. You should find that the name is available. The only downside is that they may get some of your traffic until you get well known and bookmarked.

Don’t get hung-up on the name.

One piece of advice is don’t get too hung-up on finding a great blog name straight away. Find one that is appropriate to what you think you’ll blog about. In time, you’ll find your blog voice and what you blog about may change. If it has, you will be in a better position to find a new and great blog name.


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