Holiness: God’s Requirement For Soulwinner’s

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Best Tool for Soulwinning

Soul winning is the heart beat of God and as such soul winners must know how to win sinners to God. An appropriate tool must be used in doing any work, this all workmen know.

Every workman, if he be wise, uses a tool that is likely to accomplish the purpose he has in view. Some workmen know that they cannot do their job well, except with their favorite tool.

Holiness of character is your best tool for soulwinning. A Man who is to be a soul winner must have a clear and unquestionable holiness of character. Ah! How few who attempt to preach think sufficiently of this! If they did, it would strike them at once that God would never use dirty tools, that God, who is of purer eyes than to behold iniquity, would only select holy instruments for the accomplishment of His work.

We are laborers together with God. No good parent would allow his children to go to see an immoral play or films; and God will not go to work with instruments which would compromise His own character.

Be Masters of the Art of Holiness

In God’s work, the preachers and teachers must be masters of the art of holiness. If we preach and teach one thing by our lips and another by our lives, those who listen to us will say, “Physician, heal thyself.” “Thou sayest, ‘Repent.’ Where is thine own repentance? Thou sayest, ‘Serve God, and be obedient to His will.’ Do you serve Him? Are you obedient to His will?”  You would become one of such preachers who preach and say, “Do what I say, but not what I do”. Ah! Can that be said of you, preacher? Can you say like Jesus, “which of you convinceth me of sin?”

An unholy ministry would be the derision of the world, and a dishonor to God. God’s command is, “Be ye clean that bear the vessels of the Lord.” One who is not obedient to the divine will, unclean and impure in the sight of the Lord God Almighty, cannot do anything acceptable to God, and therefore cannot be used.

Importance of Personal Holiness

Children of God, seek to attach the highest importance to your own personal holiness. Do live unto God. If you do not, your Lord will not be with you; He will say of you as He said of the false prophets of old, “I sent them not, nor commanded them: therefore they shall not profit this people at all, saith the Lord.” You may preach very fine sermons, but if you are not yourselves holy, there will be no souls saved. The blind cannot lead the blind. The unholy cannot give birth to saved, holy souls. But holy vessels do.

Get the Holiness of Character Now

What are you waiting for? Will you still allow your belly to be your god? Will you still allow sin, immorality, pride, adultery, fornication, anger, lust, vain pursuit after wealth, quest for power, filthy communication, jesting, etc., to ruin you, and thereby making you unfit for the winning of soul’s? Why not fall on your knees now in prayer to God, asking for total cleansing and HOLINESS OF CHARACTER?


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