What is Phatom Sun?

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People were surprised when three suns appeared in the sky of china. This is happened in the sky of Changchun city, capital of northern China on 11january 2011. It seemed like three suns are hanging together in the sky or looked like a rainbow-like aura around the sun in a round and two suns are hanging on the parameter of this round circle. These two suns seem like two twins sun. This is happened due to the atmospheric phenomenon, called Parhelion, or unofficially Phantom Sun or Mock Sun or Sun Dog and most commonly known as Triple Sun. It is considered as an astronomical refractionin the atmosphere.

What is Phantom sun?

The main explanation is put forth by scientists, is that the triple sun was the product of a ‘Sun dog’ or ‘Parhelion’, which is described by Mr. Danwei as, “Halo around the sun caused by refraction of sunlight through atmospheric ice crystals.”The effect also produces an arched rainbow type effect that circles the sun and two surrounding smaller sun.

The atmospheric phenomenon is called Ice Halo or Parhelion, or unofficially known as Sun dog or Phantom sun or Mock sun and most commonly known as Triple sun.


Phantom Sun, also called mock sun, atmospheric optical phenomenon appearing at 22degree on each side of sun as luminous spots in the sky and at the same elevation as the sun.

The effect also produces an arched rainbow type effect that circles the sun and the two surrounding sun. Usually the edges closest to the sun will appear reddish. Other colors are occasionally visible, but more often the outer portion of each spot appear whitish.

It is proved that a cloud is made of ice crystal particle. Phantom Sun occurs when the Sun or the Moon shines through a thin cloud composed on hexagonal ice crystal falling with their principal axes vertical, as opposed to the halo phenomenon that occurs when the principal axes are randomly arranged in a plane perpendicular to the Sun’s or Moon’s ray. The red end of the spectrum, being bent the least, appears on inside, with the blue, when visible, appearing on the outside.

So, a Phantom Sun is an atmospheric phenomenon that creates bright spots of light in the sky, often on a luminous ring or halo on either side of.


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