Make Your Own Soda Water at Home

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 Indeed, the real progress is unlikely to return to a lifestyle equivalent to our ancestors of the Stone Age, but to successfully maintain our level of comfort or to improve while respecting nature more effectively.

Soft drinks, for example, are an integral part of our lives for a long time, and a single sparkling water can make all the difference during a meal. But guess what: plastic bottles, it pollutes both at the manufacturing level to that of recycling, and that’s not counting transportation necessary to bring drinks to the supermarket, plus the way we do often drive to buy.

But what other solution there is he? We are told again and again that it is best to drink tap water, which is quite safe to drink, and avoid all environmental problems related to transport or manufacture of bottles adapted. In addition, drinking tap water we do not have to buy, carry and store dozens of bottles each week, and we cluttered with empty packaging.

Yes but now, drink water flat and tasteless, it can be boring and we soon want something else. This may be good for the planet, but it’s not very fun, especially for children who like to have color and small bubbles in their drinks.

Today, to compensate for this, there are fountains of soda water. A fountain soda water can produce fizzy drinks from tap water, without batteries or electricity. Just fill the bottle with tap water supplied, select the desired amount of bubbles, and within seconds, we can make your own soda water.

The manufacturers also offer, for a pleasant change, syrups of different flavors to create their own lemonade or cola its own, which will please young and old. The great advantage of these concentrated syrups for soft drinks is that you can dose yourself the calories of the drink by adding more or less syrup. It is a good way to reduce sugar consumption of children, while continuing to offer them drinks nice for tea.

Above all, buying a soda machine is finally depreciated quickly, and allows long-term savings exceptional, while having a wider choice of drinks, because the combinations and possibilities are endless. All this while protecting the environment in a concrete way, by not buying soda bottles, without having to deprive themselves of delicious sodas as often as you like.


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