Shroud of Jesus – Your Will And Faith

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The divine Shroud of Jesus is a topic that has received much debate since the image, of what many people consider to be Jesus Christ, was first observed in 1898. Our will and our faith has been at battle with each other ever since its arrival.

Many critics believed that the shroud was a fake and had been forged while others believed that it was created by a divine source. This article will talk about this sacred clothe and how we battle with ourselves to find the truth.

From the earliest times, it seems that man had witnessed a miracle when they set their eyes on the man that they called Jesus Christ. Even before he was born, we already started doubting his coming. Many prophets had foretold his coming, yet we didn’t believe. When he arrived, some got to witness his divine grace through miracles that he performed while he lived. Even early critics still could not fathom that a man could perform such miracles. We doubted him still, when he told us that he would die, but would rise from the dead in three days.

From the time that he arrived, he tried to teach us about love and to believe. For some of us, his presence alone made us believers, for others, this caused them to hold onto their doubts even more fiercely. It was this doubt that caused us to crucify him without mercy. Even as we did this to him, with his last breath of air, he forgave us. The ultimate sign of a man that is truly part of the divine. It seems that man’s will has always been at struggle with his faith.

Now, we are presented with evidence that has stood the test of time that in fact Jesus Christ did exist. The Shroud of Jesus has been creating waves in the religious community, the scientific community, with researchers and historians. This is the shroud that was believed to be used to wrap Jesus when he was buried.

This cloth was supposedly carried by St. Peter, one of Jesus’ first apostles, to Edessa, Turkey. This shroud was apparently lost for many years and resurfaced again in 944. Through a series of events, the shroud had fallen into different hands until it reached the hands of the Savoy Family in Turin, Italy. There it was exhibited for many years until an Italian photographer, by the name of Secondo Pia, was given permission to take photographs. He made a startling discovery when he observed the negatives of the shroud. What he found was a positive image of man that had been tortured and crucified.

Though, we have rediscovered this lost artifact that is a witness to Jesus’ life and death, we still have our doubts about whether the Son of God really did exist or was a myth. This Shroud of Jesus is evidence that he did. There is still much information to be found on this topic, but to put everything in one article would cause your head to swell. More information will be presented in other articles.

It seems that man has been either too smart or too ignorant to accept the truth of Jesus’ life and death. Sometimes it is our intelligence or ignorance that prevents us from accepting what is. We try to press on with our life with our ideals and wills, but sometimes, what we need to do is just faith, open our eyes to witness the truth.


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