Happy Marriage

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Marriage,the familyof two peopleto set up thelawsas it sees fit,mentallyand physicallyso that it takesa lifetimeto come together.Marriageis almostalways takes placebetween two peopleof opposite sex,and some cultures, the types ofsame-sex marriagearemetwith tolerance.Innormal marriage, the familyis the basisof proliferation.So, by making themchildren ofmarried couplesare required toraise.Many communities, peoplegot marriedat the sametimemore than a coupleof correspondencedoes not allowpolygamy.

Thepurpose of civil lawand the dateof marriage, thespousesmutual commitmentssuch as to establisha permanent hometo givea formal qualification.In fact,mosthuman societies,there ismarriage and childrenbring to the world,to protectand meetthe traininghas been recognized asspouses.However,there is no suchgoal isa fact thatsome marriages, asmarriagesagegeçkinlerinmade​​about marriage,or death, butthese are few.

10.legislative and judicialpowersof the state asa centuryago in Rome,belongedto themarriagework.However, the Christian Churchfrom its foundation, its membersmust be respectedmarriagehadbrought somespecialorders andprohibitions, shall be punishedwith penaltiesagainst them bythe religious, especially,has served toexcommunication.Afterthe fallof the Roman Empire,the disappearanceof political authority, thelegislative and judicialpowersof the Church hasgradually ledto adopt.

10. He was not opposed to the powers of the century. But the kingdom reinvigorated, as well as other work with the authority to go to get married in the church has tried. This effort in the West 16 18 century century and lasted until the marriage ended with the release of municipal contracts. Religiousandlegal principlesof marriagehas changedover time, too:not applicablethroughout the world,such as the prohibitionof blood egzogamiksome people(outsideoffamily ortribalmarriage)laws are verycomplex,which has become apersonalruleof marriage,many peoplehave much time toabolish themarriage.

In some societies, girlfriend, wife,mother, fatheror brother purchases someplaces,the husband isgiven a giftor dowry.Widowed,beforethe groom’shousekayınvalidesininkayınbabapotentialandmay needa periodof time.In manyplacesthe first childborn ofmarriage is not valid


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