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Snooker Shack Billiard Room is the best place for billiard equipment and supplies in Saskatoon.

If you revel in the past time of billiards, stop by Snooker Shack Billiard Room and you will be amazed at all they have to offer. Whether you are shooting alone to hone your skills, playing with a group of friends, or are looking for some tournament action to test your game, Snooker Shack Billiard Room is any pool aficionado’s paradise.

Snooker Shack Billiard Room has offered a place to play billiards in Saskatoon for over 20 years. They have over 24 tables including 2 snooker tables, and all equipment is maintained continually to ensure your game experience is on the same level as your expertise. There is a great menu full of appetizing choices to keep you energized and on top of your game, and plenty of other activities like chess, Dome Hockey, Foosball and darts available to pass the time when you feel like something different. Watch the game while you play on one of the big screen televisions, or host your next big event at Snooker Shack Billiard Room and make everyone happy. It is their commitment to customer service that has won Snooker Shack Billiard Room the Consumer Choice Award for best billiard lounge and supply in Saskatoon.

The Consumer Choice Awards have worked each year since 1987 to collect opinions and observations from thousands of consumers and businesses in an effort to reward business excellence using statistically accurate market research. The awards rely on Leger Marketing to conduct all research, as they are the preeminent Canadian-owned research firm and a member of the Worldwide Independent Network (WIN) of Market Researchers.

It is the goal of the Consumer Choice Awards to recognize companies that are accurate reflections of the marketplace, like Snooker Shack Billiard Room for being the best billiard hall in Saskatoon. There is no extreme bias present to cloud the results, just as there is no influence from third parties like industry insiders and advocate groups. For further accuracy, all results are computed by the research firm alone, and every person is given the opportunity to vote but once.

This one of a kind research follows strict guidelines to determine which businesses are most favored in a number of categories, like best billiards in Saskatoon. A list of the most mentioned businesses is put to a majority vote that determines the winners. Winning is not easy, as there is an incredible amount of competition throughout the year between local businesses to be the next winner. The award acts to increase business and sales for local shops by making them focus on customer satisfaction. It is also of great benefit to each community, for it allows consumers the opportunity to let their opinions be heard while rewarding exceptional stores in the process. For their continued business excellence, Snooker Shack Billiard Room has been given the Consumer Choice Award for best billiard hall and supplies in Saskatoon.

Thank you Consumer Choice Awards for your commitment to promoting business excellence in cities across North America, and thank you Snooker Shack Billiard Room for being the best place for billiards in Saskatoon. To speak with a courteous member of their staff, call (306) 374-9869.


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