Side Effects of Merislon Tablets

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Side effects of Merislon Tablets

 Merislon Tablets is from the antivertigo preparations class and is used for treating lightheadedness causes as a result of vertigo and Menier’s syndrome.


For treating Sleepiness experienced for ailments like Menier’s Syndrome and Vertigo.

Merislon Tablets is used for treating dizziness caused as the result of ailments like Menier’s Syndrome and Vertigo. Severe headache is one of the symptoms of vertigo and Menier’s and it became necessary to visit our family doctor who prescribed me with Merislon Tablets.


 Merislon Tablets Are available in both 6 Mg and 12 Mg (was prescribe 12 Mg of Merislon Tablets) to be administered after food, two times a day.

Side effects of Merislon Tablets

Patients administered with Merislon Tablets have suffered from nausea and vomiting. The side effects disappeared after few day of using the medication. Rare reported of gastrointestinal problems also have been reported. Symptoms include stomach ache, abdominal pain, diarrhea, constipation and dark stool. These are common side effects and disappear within a day or two of using the medicating. In case the symptoms become persistent and bothersome for a prolonged period of time, stop administering Merislon Tablets and consult your nearest health service provider.

Severe side effects includes hives, skin rashes, tight chest, difficulty in breathing, swelling of the face, tongue, throat and lips. On occurrence of any of the side effects, stop using the medication and seek for immediate medical help.

These are not the complete list of possible side effects of Merislon Tablets, in case of any medical advice; consult your local service provider.

Special precautions

Peptic ulcer patients or patients with record of peptic ulcer should use the medication with caution and it should be properly monitored.  In case of any side effects observed, it should be immediately discontinued as the histamine action of Merislon Tablets boosts the gastric acid generation which could be hazardous for peptic ulcer patients.

Patients with bronchial asthma should also monitor the use of the medication as again the histamine- like reaction of the drug can result in narrowing of the respiration pipe because of the hindrance of H2 receptors.


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