Until Farmers Get Together Touts Will Continue to Run Uttar Pradesh: Rahul Gandhi

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Having rested for second day night at Sarol village in Aligarh district, the Congress General Secretary Rahul Gandhi resumed his Congress padyatra for the third day early morning today the July 7.  Not showing any sign of previous two days’ toll of walking, he steadily proceeded to Jahangarh village along upcoming Yamuna Express Highway in Aligarh district. 

Addressing a gathering of farmers at the Jahangarh village, he said, “We will present Land Acquisition Bill in the Lok Sabha and you will see that it will be passed in your favour.”

Assuring the farmers that “Your fight is our fight” he said, “The Uttar Pradesh government is working to benefit the builders and not farmers.”

He said,” Thefts are committed in the dead of night. But here thefts were being committed in broad daylight. The state government is helping in theft on farmers.”

He highlighted that villagers were not against development. Villages should be linked to cities. But this should be done through discussion and dialogue not by resorting to firing of bullets on the farmers, he said.

The Congress General Secretary called upon the farmers to muster in numbers in the Aligarh Mahapanchayat on July 9 to express their protest against the Mayawati government for pursuing “anti-farmer and anti-labourer” policies.  “The nation will listen to your voice. Your fight is our fight.  But you have to express you feeling and give voice to it. Gloom and despair will not change anything.” he said.

During his foot march Rahul Gandhi also stopped at other villages on his way, that is, Zirakpur, Kansera, Kirpalpur and Kiratpur where large number of villagers gathered to interact with him and to explain their problems.

At Kirpalpur village, the Congress General Secretary said “dalals” were running Uttar Pradesh as people of the state are “disunited” and that was the reason why touts were running the sate of Uttar Pradesh.”

This was the true but said state of affairs in the state. He counseled the farmers that unless they got united, they would continue to suffer and things would not change by themselves.

Referring to caste based politics being done by the Mayawati government he said, “I am with you irrespective of caste. For me, all are human beings. I am to help everyone and all the people of Uttar Pradesh.”

Rahul Gandhi cited example of Congress-ruled Haryana state. There government took care of the interests of the farmers and their welfare first whenever there was an occasion of land acquisition. “The government there ensures that farmers are paid market value of their land.  Sadly this is not happening in Uttar Pradesh”, he said.

It is in this connection that the Congress General Secretary is holding Kisan Maha Panchayat on July 9 at Aligarh. He is walking from village to village to exhort the farmers so that they come together at the rally to give voice to their pressing problems.


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