What Can You Do If Your Email Account Is Cleaned?

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Not so long ago, many Gmail users went to check their mail to find that their entire mailbox and all their contacts had been completely erased. The shocking discovery was done by Google in an accident and affected only a very small percentage of users in total, but a lot of people think of what would happen if all of their emails were suddenly wiped out forever. With about 300 billion emails sent daily worldwide, and you’re probably a user e-mail, can you imagine the carnage that can result.

This article tries to offer some solutions, what can you do if this happens.

Make sure you are logged in as

If you use one of many email providers such as popular online your Gmail, Hotmail and Yahoo, etc, you may be signed as someone else. When you log in, you’ll realize that you can check the box that says something like “remember me”, which means that every time the team arrives at this site, you will be mailed automatically be registered at least according the password is used when this box is checked. If you check the user name that is connected, it is possible that his sudden fear only lasts a few seconds before returning to your account.

Check your hard drive

If not, you can start by checking the hard drive. Many email systems, as well as online and offline to provide a system to back up all your mail folders on your hard drive so that you can not lose. If so, you could just e-mail brings to life with a few mouse clicks. Also, if you use a provider of payment services and a lot of emails through the payment notices, for example, it is likely that they could be a lot of backups of your important emails, such as receipts for payments and invoices.

Contact your

If this fails, you can contact your email provider. Companies like Google usually fall over themselves to help a bad reputation for the loss of emails is bad for business. It is likely that your provider will have a backup of your emails on their servers will be able to use it to restore the emails in the way they were removed before their arrival.


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