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Western Fitness and Equipment is the best place for fitness equipment in Saskatoon.

Whether you are a serious athlete or bodybuilder or are just looking to tone up and get in shape, Western Fitness and Equipment has the right tools for your needs. As the oldest specialty fitness equipment store in Canada, they know what good products are and how to stock them at a great price. For selection, quality and service Western Fitness and Equipment is the best in Saskatoon.

Western Fitness and Equipment realized over 30 years ago the need for a store that specializes in fitness equipment, and set out to offer only high quality products with a proven track record of results. Today they carry a comprehensive collection of workout products, from elliptical trainers to free weights. There is also a great selection of used equipment to choose from, making it even easier for you to save money. Western Fitness and Equipment pride themselves on outstanding service, and their staff has the knowledge and experience to match you with the right equipment for your goals. Speak to one of their friendly staff yourself to see why they have been named the Consumer Choice Award winner for best fitness equipment store in Saskatoon.

The Consumer Choice Awards work annually to collect the opinions, expectations and perceptions of thousands of consumers and businesses. They are the only organization in North America to reward business excellence using statistically accurate market research, and have done so since 1987. Over the years the process has been fine tuned using third party research firms to guarantee that only the most outstanding businesses in each industry are chosen. All research is handled today by Canadian-owned Leger Marketing, the most respected independent research firm and member of the Worldwide Independent Network (WIN) of Market Researchers.

The award is able to properly convey the opinions of each marketplace by avoiding any extreme bias that might alter the results. There is a great deal of information available today, and finding accurate data is paramount to the Consumer Choice Awards. They succeed in doing this by avoiding industry insiders, advocate groups and other third party influences, allowing no more than one vote for each person, and having the third party research firm handle the results.

Each community is surveyed following a specific criteria to determine winners in a growing list of categories, like best fitness equipment in Saskatoon. The leaders in each category are put to a majority vote that names the winners. There is fierce competition among local shops to offer the best services and be named a recipient, which makes taking home an award extremely difficult. The award is an impetus for increased sales and revenue by making companies step back and put their focus on customer care. It is also of great benefit to each community by allowing the consumer to share their opinions while promoting better business practices. For their hard work and dedication, Western Fitness and Equipment has been named the Consumer Choice Award winner for best fitness equipment in Saskatoon.

Thank you Consumer Choice Awards for putting in the hard work necessary to reward outstanding companies everywhere, and thank you Western Fitness and Equipment for continuing to supply the best fitness equipment to Saskatoon. To speak with a courteous service representative, call (306) 242-0776.


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