Motorcycles And Safety

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I recall that during my teenage years, it was my phantasy to own a bike. Eventually I achieved an old bike from a far relative and showed off on the streets. This has stopped one day, when a reckless car driver, crashed my bike, while it was parking along the pavement. This was my first total loss…

Now days, while I am a father of a teen-ager, I face a different phantasy. Well, not my own phantasy. My son has decided that he needs a motorcycle, not a bike. This vehicle is way dangerous than bikes. I do recognize that people, grownups as well as teen agers, all over the world are using motorcycles, and are proud of that. Not once have I watched those riders cruise the roads and the highways all over Europe and USA, while I was driving securely in my air-conditioned business rented car.

Yet, I cannot forget one real scene I have witnessed long ago, while I was at about the age of 20 year old. I was crossing a very busy crossroad, positioning myself at a place to catch a lift to my destination. No more than 2 minutes had passed, and a horror scene took place in front of my eyes. Two young boys were riding their motorcycle, and a hasty car crashed into them. From my position I have witnessed two bodies flying high above the other cars, like two rocks, and launching heavily on the hard road, about 20 meters away. Yelling and shouting started immediately. A first aide ambulance appeared from nowhere and the two guys were taken from there to the hospital, along with me, while I was stretching one of the guys’ leg in order to keep his knee from total cracking ( as I was instructed by a the therapist). The ride to the hospital lasted for ages, although it was only 3 Km away.

Since that instance, I lost confidence in the two-wheel vehicle whatsoever, specifically motorcycles.

Now, since I cannot stop my son from riding such a dangerous vehicle, I had to examine the safety measurements that need to be taken. I am not a biker of course but I do know that there are some imperative elements that must be used by motorcycle riders. 

First, you must use a good helmet. In some countries this is enforced by law. Helmet is the main and he most important protection a rider must be equipped with. Head and face injuries might be lethal, and a good helmet may be the slight difference between life and death. Do not compromise about that.

 Appropriate clothes are needed, including gloves. Elbow and knee protectors are needed for avoiding dangerous injuries. Still, comfort of the rider is important. Comfort of the driver enables him to drive at ease and pay attention to danger. Also, a good jacket provides warmth, protection from rain, and provides some physical protection too.

And last, you always can use a good injury insurance that can help you cover anything.  At least this is what I am going to force my son to do.


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