On The Road With Suicidal TV

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When approached by legendary Skate/Punk/Thrash band Suicidal Tendencies to come up with a new source of content my mind boggled. How do you make an already exciting live show more enriched? My good mate is the Videographer for  the band and he said it would be cool to involve Skateboarders at every gig. Again i contemplated so many ideas, yet the only logical one that could realistically be followed was a Skate Tour that revolved around chasing the band to every possible show and of course partying and skateboarding as much as possible.

So it was that Suicidal TV was born and the massive work load began. Selling sponsorship packages to pay the bills was the easy part and in the weeks leading up to the tour we had secured enough to get us there and back. The Tour took in every capitol city, except Perth it was just to far to drive in a day, and of course the Gold Coast.

The Schedule was hectic and in the first seven days we had travelled the east coast by night ending up in Adelaide. The partying was long and hard and by the time we had a day off in Adelaide to regroup it was well needed. From then on the focus was to spend 3 days in every city on the way back to the Gold Coast. And of course to shoot as much Skateboarding footage with the crew as possible not just for Suicidal TV but for all the sponsors and supporters.

Spending almost 20 days on tour with 4-6 Skateboarders is a logistics nightmare. We had 4 skateboarders in the van from Qld and we were to pick up and drop off along the way. The Gold Coast show as fun as it was the home town crowd although the Skaters missed their first on stage call. Brisbane was a little more hectic as the van was packed ready for a departure as soon as the show was over. Sydney was heaps of fun a by this stage the lads didn’t miss their call to the stage or the  opportunity to stage dive without the threat of venue security giving them a hiding. We picked another guy up over night in Canberra on our way to Melbourne. And we all relaxed as we had familiar surrounds at a friends place in Melbourne, before the show that night. Melbourne was an amazing show with more crazy onstage antics from the Suicidal Tendencies Skate Team. Thankfully we had a day off before heading to Adelaide for our final tour appearance.

During the tour we had three local BBQ’s at well know skateparks which all went off without a hitch. Many of the locals at each skattepark were simply amazed that we had budget to throw a BBQ plate full of food and a couple of esky tubs full off drinks. We even opened our arms to parents and friends of some of the local kids just playing in the park beside the skateparks. A true sense of community ensued like none other we’d ever encountered before. As this was one of our main goals on this trip we were more than stoked.

It was an amazing trip and if your keen to see how it all turned out stay tuned to Suicidal TV on Facebook and the Broken Tree Blog.


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