What is Video Email Marketing And How Can I Use It?

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Welcome to the new age of communication. Technology keeps advancing and constantly bringing us new things to utilize with our business to make it better. So why do many of us still choose not to jump on the bandwagon & instead we face the prospect of falling behind? Times are tough out there and competition is stiff. Businesses and individuals need to keep up and do what they can do to stay one step ahead.
Video marketing is one of these advancements that if you knew how easy it is to use you would wonder why we are not using it.
I recall years ago when my father owned a business and his form of advertising was by using newspapers and local radio. With the technology of today not many people sit down to read the paper and very few listen to the radio. That was his only way to market. Those days are certainly long gone and in its place are things like social media and video marketing. Many times over the years I have heard the saying a picture is worth a thousand words, then what would a video be worth?

Video marketing is the new way of marketing and when it’s understood what to do it can be extremely effective.
When we take the time to think of it, it’s a wonder how we expect people to excitedly respond to a static email. A printed email is just that. It has no personality and it’s boring. Truly there is only so much that you can get across to someone when writing an email. An email holds no personality and shows no emotion and usually is perceived as such. This is where a video email comes in. It has life and it grabs people’s attention. The sender has the pleasure of making that video email their own and use that to video market anything they want. The most effective communication is done with the eye contact and facial gestures. It’s impossible to put those in an email.
Video marketing is taking people by storm. It allows individuals and businesses to include their personality and uniqueness in their correspondence. With video marketing the only thing holding someone back from being successful is their own creativity. This form of marketing actually opens up many new and different possibilities as well. In the short time that video marketing has been used and its successes tracked it is so promising. So many emails were previously not being read, this very seldom happens with a video email. Quite often the old way of emailing got very little responses. If they did get a response they were usually as boring and unemotional as the one that was sent. This is so not the case with video email. When tracking the response to these it is shown that the rate is incredibly higher than before. With all this positive feedback it’s pretty safe to say Video marketing is here and it is now. So explore your options, live on the wild side and try some video marketing.


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